Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fly me to the Moon in 3-D!!

Tonight I'm going to take some pictures of where "the magic" happens.... or at least the art & crafting happens... I'll post those art room pictures later & you can see inside the mind of a nut :).

Here are some pictures from that new 3-D movie: "FLY ME TO THE MOON", LOVED it!!! Darling daughter wasn't so sure she wanted to go since she, unlike me, doesn't like to draw attention to herself & thought by wearing those weird glasses everyone would be looking at her (I dream of moments like that, whereas, she dreads them....). We assured her EVERYONE would be wearing the glasses & so therefore, no one would be remotely interested in her eye wear... The movie is really cute, although being the visual person I am, I don't even know if i would have liked it or not if it wasn't in 3-D.... I was so awe-struck by the 3-D'ism (a word i'm sure I just made up) i didn't notice the story line very much. If you know me well at all you'll know when you see it, my favorite part was the "fly home and village"... these darling little dollhouses the fly's have taken over..... so cute! I just had to keep pushing the vision of fly's sitting on a giant pile of dog crap out of my mind & watch them walk around the cute little dollhouses telling myself they had germ free feet :)

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