Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sneak Peek...

Here's just a little sneak peek of my little Christmas houses:

I'm not sure if i like the "snow" or not... I think i need a little more practice applying it. The glitter is that REAL silver vintage glitter & really is worth the EXTRA $$! I was glittering away yesterday & even found a piece in my mouth... i wouldn't recommend it!

I found this darling artist on etsy today. Her blog is called Little Miss Crafty & here is a link to it:


Her etsy shop is called: CraftyMissJuliet

I'm not sure if she minds me adding some of her pictures, so i better ask before i do that, but in the meantime check her out for some CUTE stuff!

Happy Tuesday... I'm off to find my cowgirl hat & chaps, i'm going to the Dr... You know "the Dr." as in "put your feet in the stirrups"... Yee Haw!


Little Miss Crafty said...

Hi, thanks for the lovely comments, very much appreciated. I love your little houses which is so weird as I am in the middle of making my own little houses and altered cupcakes as well as a whole new range of stuff using my bird designs.. will be back
take care x
p.s have added you to my blog roll too

chris m said...

I love these houses! how big are they? How much do they cost? How many different styles do you have. These remind me of the paper Christmas houses my mom put out at Christmas. How much???

Mo said...

I envision an entire christmas tree filled with these....CUTE!

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