Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Eye-Candy!

I thought i would have my little mixed media pieces ready to show today, but... all the little pieces, the glue & the glaze took MUCH longer to dry than i thought, so i am off to "work" to finish those up today. I wanted to post some amazing glass pieces ALL of which can be found on . I am listing the name of each shop ABOVE the piece if you want to see more... head over to their shops! Hope you enjoy these pretties!

oh & good news! My Robin egg Blue picture frame with the Chandelier SOLD!! I was just feeling a little blue about my lack of sales, so i'm feeling better today!

Happy Shopping!!

1 comment: said...

Hi there,
Thanks so much for posting that Christmas bracelet of mine. Your daughter is adorable. By the way, my hair used to do that same thing when I was a little girl. Must be an Asian thing:)

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