Thursday, December 4, 2008

Facebook... & UNcommon goods!

If you're looking for a GREAT way to waste TONS of time stalking all the people you went to HS/college with, worked with, or... dated, you need to get yourself ON (facebook). NO, i don't work for them, but am just having the best time re-connecting with "the past". Re-connecting... not stalking ☺. Make sure if you have a maiden name you hyphenate.. very hard to find the girls when you don't know their married names... my tip of the day!

I spent yesterday looking thru an eye that looked like it had Vaseline on it. i got nothing done because i was wandering around convincing myself i had ocular degeneration & didn't know if Paul Harvey could send me those vitamins in time to save my sight. It turns out i got a bad contact, because - Miracle of Miracles... i was healed today for a few hours till i put that darn thing back in & here came the cloud... Don't worry, i'm now sporting my semi-ugly glasses (new ones here a week from Friday & they are OH SO CUTE!) & headed down to the art room to actually finish up my "mixed media" goodies ☺

Have a GREAT day!!

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