Wednesday, December 17, 2008

VW ♥

i drive a VW (new) Beetle in orange... i ♥ it, although it doesn't get me up as high as my jeep did... When you are 4' 11 3/4", gettin up high is a big deal! You can't even use that tube thing at the bank in the normal way - you have to roll the window down, open your door & then lean thru the open window for support- CLASSY! But i digress... I was doing an etsy search yesterday for "VW" (darling daughter & i like to put in random words & see what pops up) & found these cuties:


BadAssCustomDecals. i ♥ this... hmmmm, where could i put it??

And wait till you see this one.... is that stinkin' cute or what??? She sells the eyelashes!!! Oh that totally cracks me up! I must admit i have a "thing" for false eyelashes & find any excuse to wear them... you know, like going to the grocery store! I channel that Kardashian (sp?) girl (minus that bootie!)
Ok, i'm such a slacker now with my own art, i am totally uninspired & just not sure what to do. i'm not real sure i know what kind of artist i am.... i hope to get my kiln hooked up in the spring- maybe i am a ceramicist?! Still lookin' for my "thang"...

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