Tuesday, December 16, 2008

have you met Blythe?

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that hasn't got in on the Blythe doll obsession or if it's kind of an "underground" thing... Blythe, if you don't know, was a doll introduced in the 70's, but never really took off with the kiddies. Yoy could pull a string (i believe) & her eyes would change colors (yeah, no wonder the kids were scared!). She's not for kids anymore...
I've been checking out all the cool pictures on flickr & holy cow... there is some pretty elaborate stuff going on! Now, of course, I WANT ONE TOO!! To some, i realize, dolls are creepy & i totally understand why, but... I find these girls & all their outfits to be so cute! When i told the mister i wanted one of these girls, i got the "oh-no-dolls!!" look from him, but i assured him i wouldn't be like "those" girls who have like 50, i only needed 1... for now (hee, hee!!). i think another reason i MUST have one... they aren't that easy to find, i love a good hunt for something.
Here are a bunch of Christmas Blythe's from flickr. The artists name is below each photo. You'll either LOVE these or you'll be totally freaked out...

by Amberrenee

by axelsrose

by BoopsieDaisy

by DeepFreeze

by erregiro

by famini angel art

by Jillybug

by kmiller799
by littlewhimsies
by peppercornpixie
by Ragazza
by rockymountainroz
Ok, i better finish my Christmas cards, think about wrapping gifts... or maybe just go to the art room, that sounds like MUCH more fun!

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Anonymous said...

I want the redheaded one! :)


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