Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Dells....

After we left The Mister's meeting we headed to The Dells!
I think it's the water-park capital of the USA.
We decided we wanted to go to the country's BIGGEST water park because who wants to waste their time going to the "not quite as big as the biggest"?
The tickets were a little steep so The Mister asked if there was anyplace in town that offered a "deal" on tickets... well, of course there was, but isn't there always a bit of a catch?
If you rented a room at The Flamingo Motel, you got free adult tickets ($80)  and a discount on your child's ticket $27 instead of $35.
The Flamingo Motel...
doesn't the word "motel" say it all?
Clue #1...
NOT the classiest place I've ever stayed.  
This might have been the 2nd clue...
Yes there were people BBQing outside, yes there was loud music playing in the parking lot with some gals having an impromptu bootie shake, and yes, there were LONG hairs on the bathroom floor, but... it was 1 night and $80 worth of FREE water-park tickets!
We stopped at the cutest candy shop that had insanely expensive candy by the pound.
You can see how excited Darling was
The next morning after a night of dreaming there were bugs in my hair, we headed to I-Hop for breakfast.  
Do you take it as a good sign when you see this as soon as you get out of your car?
I don't usually, but we were headed to Noah's Ark water-park, so I decided that the carcass of a muskrat was a good sign, what else could I do?!
 Noah's Ark Water-Park!!
Lots of stuff for little kids and lots of water rides for chickens like me and lots of rides you wouldn't get me on unless you had a gun to my head!
After playing at the kiddie pool for WAY too long I made Darling ride this with me
She screamed the whole way down, was furious with me and then rode it 4 more times and then went on the one below!
I kept telling her if mom will ride it, it can't be scary 'cause I'm a huge chicken!
We ended the day with some tide pools and lazy river rides
(and Yes, that is the sparkle boob top!) 
If you like to people watch, it doesn't get any better than a water-park!
Ok, I'm really going to try and get a little more back on track with art, crafts, and good stuff, but you know how I am!
Have a great day!!


The Taylor Bunch said...

looks like you guys had a good time and memories to last

Melanie said...

Haven't you seen the 20/20 specials about the things that lurk in those motels??? The frying warning was the best though. Unless you brought a black light, in which case you need to bleach yourself.

The water park looks like fun, especially since I just finished doing two workouts and could use a nice swim!

Angela said...

That sparkle boob top is getting around ;)

That hotel sign was cute at least...

and what was that dead thing?

LuLu Kellogg said...

That water park looked like so much fun! LOL @ the sparkle boob top! You crack me up!


p.s. After seeing the pic of the candy shop my sweet tooth is acting up!

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