Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Will this be the day?

I REALLY hope I can get down to my studio/junk yard today!
I've been to the dentist all ready and am all done with my invisalign braces... now 3 months of these BULKY plastic retainers.  
Here's a little tour of my life in pictures, some insight as to why I have STARTED (but not finished) a skirt, afghan, 4 hats, 4 hair bows, a chandelier, mini terrarium, a baptism album, a book, and a variety of other items!
1st off I can't keep my eyes out of this eye-candy!!
I think it's insane that this cost $10, but I knew I had to have it!
Aren't magazines suppose to be $6?  I get sucked in by those $15 Somerset Magazines too!!
I'm not saying they aren't worth it, it's just the fact that
Darling and I are trying to talk the Mister into doing a little backyard construction...
The perfect place for reading and crocheting!
Presentations, presentation, presentation!!!
 of course, I'm swooning over all this turquoise!
I'm in the midst of reading this book:
I'm loving it!!
I want to make everything in this book:
anyone ever worked with that silver clay??  That's my NEXT project!
One thing I don't like... seeing all these wonderful projects but having no idea where to find some of the same items.  If anyone knows where I can find these hollow glass beads, please, let me know!
Organizing all my cricut cartridges in this cool red leather bag!
Working on this for Darling... Of course, now I don't like the cover, so I'm going to re-do that...
Another Cutie~Cupcake in the works...

Now you may have noticed a bit of "stuff" around my projects...
Just look at this insanity but please, don't call A&E to put me on HOARDERS!
Do you know of Helen Dardik?
I want to BE Helen!
I LOVE her style, I'm quite sure she's my favorite illustrator!

Next time you see my, I MIGHT be sporting a wiener dog headband!!
Well, that's what I do: read and look and dream of all the wonderful projects I want to do!  My problem- I have SO many ideas I can't settle down to get anything done!
Hope you get something done today... I'm going to try!


Angela said...

You sound so much like me!! I have that Flea Market Style Magazine too and I have flipped through it a million times!

Love the embroidery book and will have to look into that...

Can't help you with the glass beads. Sorry.

Oh and my art room(which was spotless last week) is a total disaster area again!

Twisted said...

Wow. You are a SERIOUS crafter. Look at all those ideas and supplies!

LuLu Kellogg said...

You are like a kitty on catnip!

I must be living under a rock because I have never seen the Flea Market Sytle magazine! I live about an HOUR from any good shopping but you can bet I will be headed to borders this weekend to try and find it :)


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