Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm back in black...

I feel like I need to recap since I've been gone so long, but in truth, nothing interesting happened.
Friday, Darling & I went to see Shrek 3-D, it was good.
Saturday.... I'm literally sitting here thinking what DID we do Saturday?!  Ummm, I remember Costco and getting pictures developed and begging the Mister for ANOTHER new pair of glasses because they have Betesy Johnson frames and they are TOO CUTE!  

Oh wait then there was the Avocado burger... Oh yeah- the boat!!  Ok, it's all coming back to me now!  We went to see friends that have a boat over on Lake Michigan!
The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time!
Yes, that IS the sparkle star boob suit!  
Then we did the family picnic that we do once a month with the Mister's family on Sunday.
Monday we took Darling for a bike ride on the paved path.  She just learned to ride a 2 wheel bike so the paved path is a good place to practice.
For the record, I had nothing to do with this outfit:
I thought the turquoise shoes were a nice touch!
There she goes...
My allergies have been HORRIBLE!  The cottonwood looks like snow falling...
As Darling left for school today she said "well, it looks like someone sure has laundry to do" and she wasn't kidding!  I better get right on that!  I've already been to the dentist this morning and I'll fill you in on that later... brother!
Anyway if you're a new reader, I'm usually more entertaining, lets blame it on the fact that I feel like crap and am not feeling like entertaining anyone at the moment...
and because it's been a while....
a little plug about my BABY HAT DRIVE 
As most of you know, my daughter was adopted from China and I left a little piece of my heart there.  I'm collecting hats to keep the children and babies warm in the winter.  Many live in orphanages that are without heat.
1. make a baby hat, toddler hat, or kid sized hat (you can take the non-crafty way out and buy one if you must)
2. email me at: chinamommy_04@yahoo.com for my address.
3. I'll take care of shipping them to CHINA next fall.
any questions- please feel free to email me!!

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