Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have too much to quit now...

As I went down to my studio yesterday my mind was spinning... WHAT should I work on 1st?  My granny square blanket? 

My crochet skirt? 
My baby hats for China? 

Paper clay? Jewelry? learn to draw? Toilet paper roll mixed media idea?... 
Honestly, I have SO many ideas that it makes me jittery and I end up doing nothing... Are you other artsy mama's like that?
When I got to my room the GIANT stack of pictures started screaming...
You know, I have 1 child and pretty much have taken a picture (or 5) of her doing everything from eating her 1st sandwich to her just being cute.  Needless to say, I have thousands of pictures and of course, feel the need to put them all in a scrapbook!
(this book is JUST our 1 week trip to Hawaii...)
I will say lately, I have allowed myself to just PUT THEM ON PAPER and then I'll go back and embellish them later, later could be when I'm 80...
I know so many people have gone to digital scrap booking, but with the amount of supplies I have, I honestly feel like I NEED to use up a few more before I start down that road...
One stack of paper, not including the piles of paper stacked on shelves and in paper carriers!
1 (of many) totes full of embellishments
ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon!
1 of many cabinets full of doo-dads
GLITTER: never enough!
files full of more doo-dads...
cricut cartridges...yeah, I've got a few :)
(HEY: GP mom-of-5: recognize that Qualex box?)
So, as you can see, I'll be stickin' and pastin' the summer away working on my totes of pictures!
Oh yeah, if you feel the need to make fun of me for being a "scrapbooker" go ahead!  I make fun of it too, but I will say if my house is on fire the dog is on his own- I'm grabbin' my photo albums!!
Darling and I are off to the "$4/bag book sale at our local library".  The Mister and I went last Saturday and got a huge stack.
 I'm reading "The Book of Bright Ideas" by Sandra Kring.
i like it!
Have a great day!

a little plug about my BABY HAT DRIVE 
As most of you know, my daughter was adopted from China and I left a little piece of my heart there.  I'm collecting hats to keep the children and babies warm in the winter.  Many live in orphanages that are without heat.
1. make a baby hat, toddler hat, or kid sized hat (you can take the non-crafty way out and buy one if you must)
2. email me at: chinamommy_04@yahoo.com for my address.
3. I'll take care of shipping them to CHINA next fall.
any questions- please feel free to email me!!

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