Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getin' my craft on...

 I've felt like CRAP for days, thanks to the cottonwood trees shedding their fluffy goodness all over West Michigan!  This stuff is EVERYWHERE and at times, literally looks like it's snowing.
Yesterday I was at the dentist in the morning havin' a little work done.  I got the "buttons" off my teeth, those are the little bumps that made my invisalign braces work.  She got them off by grinding them off... Yumm, I had that delicious burnt tooth smell/taste in my mouth all day!  I had molds made for my retainers, that was especially fun because my nose is ornamental only!  I get very little air in this honker on a good day let alone after a week of insane pollen counts.  Yes, I did drool, thank you for asking!
I came home, set the timer on the stove and slept until it was time to get Darling from the bus stop.
Today... much better!
I'm hoping I can finish some of my started projects:
The Chandelier (from Brassy Apple)
So far, I only have a few of them gems added....
I really hope to finish this today...
Here's a sneak peak at another project I'm working on...
(Owls Mel!!)

I also made a teeny tiny terrarium!
I need to craft it up a bit...
Want to know how to make your own??
It's an easy one, super kid friendly (as long as they don't eat the charcoal!)
1. get a jar with a lid (you can make open terrarium's also, but I had this cute little jar)
2. cover the bottom with pebbles or sand
3. layer the pebbles with charcoal bits - you can find these at any garden center, it will keep the stink out!
4. layer in some spaghnum moss (oops, I forgot this in mine)
5. potting soil
6. moss
7. mist with some water
With a closed terrarium, you DO need to open the lid at some point to get some air moving.
I just pulled up a little piece of moss from our yard.  If you want some REALLY good directions check this guy out:

 Terrarium Man!!
His site is FULL of all kinds of ideas and advice!
Did I mention while working on my chandelier and terrarium, I'm also crocheting a skirt?!
Yes, I AM nuts!
I'll be back tomorrow with to show you whats up with THE SKIRT!!
Have a great day and don't forget...

a little plug about my BABY HAT DRIVE 
As most of you know, my daughter was adopted from China and I left a little piece of my heart there.  I'm collecting hats to keep the children and babies warm in the winter.  Many live in orphanages that are without heat.
1. make a baby hat, toddler hat, or kid sized hat (you can take the non-crafty way out and buy one if you must)
2. email me at: for my address.
3. I'll take care of shipping them to CHINA next fall.
any questions- please feel free to email me!!


Megan said...

Yeah! so glad you are trying the chandelier!

give me a heads up if/when you post finished pictures! I'd love to see it!

Love the beads and the owls too! darling! where did you get them? :)

Amber Zimmerman said...

That chandelier is looking adorable! Are you gonna post the completed one? How was your weekend? We had a wonderful time. . .ended up going to Lansing and ate at PF Changs for the first time. So good! :)

Melanie said...

Hey! I'm gonna need to know what you're doing with those owls. At least let a girl know when you're done with whatever it is!

We also have the snowfall here and I have a tree full in my nose right now. Good times.

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