Friday, May 6, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. Do you know of the super SWEET Lulu?  She's been a long time reader of chinamommy and was one of the 1st to ever buy something from my etsy shop!  She's adorable, talented, and sweet as pie and a teensy bit "dark"!  Make sure you stop by her blog: Oh, did I mention I won her super CUTE giveaway?...
Lulu, thank you SO much!! We love them and Darling loved her "pixie dust" and gobbled that sucker right up!! We are definitely long lost sisters and need to meet up SOON at some fabulous art event- we'll wear matching stripey tights!!

2. I'm watching HSN right now, It's Martha Stewart Craft hour... I could SOOOOOO be that lady that sits around and orders crap off the TV.  Do you do that?  (Hey, there's some lady calling in from the South, is that you Angela?) I resist, the only thing I've ever bought from TV was the NutraSonic cleaner and I must say, I LOVE it!!
They've almost got me talked into buying the Martha Stewart Scoring Board!!  Ok, while typing this up, I'm trolling in another window and found it on amazon for $11 cheaper than HSN!  Yes, it's in my cart...

3. I ran all week with NO KNEE PAIN, I know you're all thrilled!! I'll be running the 10k in the River Bank run with a couple of my running pals!!! I've got to come up with my chinamommy running outfit... I've got a running skirt,  it's PINK!

4. You should see what someone left on this sweet lady's windshield this week...
Seriously?? Who does stuff like this?  Go read her post...

5.  I'm planning my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! And by "planning" I mean, waiting till August to have a panic attack about how I should have been planning for the last 4 months!!  Feel free to pepper me with fabulous ideas....

6. I just convinced myself the Martha Stewart Scoring board has solved all my decorating problems for the 50th anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA!!!  I'd show you pictures of how, but I've spent over 30 min. trying to find some online, so look at the crappy picture below - if you squint your eyes, it makes the picture clearer....
7. I'm so excited about how my living room turned out, like "blabbering about my new baby" kind of excited... The fireplace isn't done, the trim isn't all up, new carpet is a must and, there needs to be more carni-junk but for now I'm just going to pretend it's ALL done, 'cause I LOVES IT!!! and you know... it was all about removing those dang faded red slip covers!
(doesn't it look like those little suitcases by the fireplace are smiling at you?)
 (does someone want to come over and iron my slip covers??....)

8. It's kinda time to start thinking about my baby hat drive...See the tab at the top, you'll hear more near the end of summer (more as in: you're so sick of hearing about it you'll just send me a truckload of hats for these sweeties so I'll shut up!) but wanted to give you the heads up!
 Photo's of some of the kiddo's that got hats last year in the 1st Annual Chinamommy Baby Hat Drive.

9. Cause this is Random Friday
Here is another cool crafty blog that I found recently
Being a trophy wife is hard, sitting on the computer all day finding other cool blogs!  I could get hemorrhoids ya know! (yes, I had to spell check that one)

10. Wishing all you Mama's 
and if you're not a mom, well, somedays it's not all it's cracked up to be, so go out to eat and just celebrate YOU!!
If your Mama is no long with you, I am sorry and I'm thinking of you friends!!
Hope it's sunny where you are!


Angela said...

Oh my gosh - the living room looks fantastic!!!!!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Do you know how much I pink puffy heart you? A BUNCH!!! Thanks for the shout out girlie and yes, one day we HAVE to meet at an art event! You truly are my long lost sister!

Your living room looks AMAZING! YIPPEE for more Carni Junk!!


LeeLu Creations said...

The living room is so bright! And yes, those little suitcases are smiling at me. :)

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