Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY Pinwheel Tutorial

Yes, yes I AM posting a DIY, but first let me just say.... HOW RIDICULOUS is Michigan right now?
It's 50 degrees right now! I put the electric blanket BACK on the bed (which guarantees a warm up since taking it off 2 weeks ago encouraged a spring freeze!).  And because who doesn't want to copy THIS look:
Hat: Target
Glasses: Phoebe Couture (Costco)
Hoodie: Paul/Frank
Stripped Tee: Nordstom Rack, it's old...
Tank: H&M
Jeans: Aeropostale
Slippers: Target
 Pinwheels seems to be kinda the "thang" right now. So, instead of a DIY for a sunflower sundress for your cement goose I decided to get with the program!  This is a pretty easy little tutorial you can use for all kinda of big girl crafts or you can even let your kiddo's get in on the action.
 Step 1: cut a true square, this example is a 4 inch square with the middle marked.
 Step 2: Mark a line in from each corner, I cut a 2 inch line.  I don't know if there is an exact size to cut depending on what size your square is, because anyone that knows me knows I don't do MATH!  Cut enough that the tips will bend into the very center!
 Step 3: I added a sticky dot to the center- you're going to cover it anyway!  Take the right corner from each cut and bend into the center and stick.  As you rotate your square, make sure you are always bending the RIGHT side in.
 Step 4: Make sure all the corners are stuck down and then decide what you want to add for a center!
 Easy Peasy!  I decided I liked double sided scrapbooking papers for what I'm going to use my pinwheels for...but you can use anything you can cut and bend, I guess!  The devil's in the details...and I'm not a fan of either.
 Project sneak-peek!
I've got my space heater on and am headed down to my studio... Anyone else getting their craft on? What are you working on? Are you a member of "My Craft Corner"? 
Come on back tomorrow for Random Friday.


LuLu Kellogg said...

These are full of cuteness!

Come's 88 here today...shocking for Maryland! Even our pool is open and ready for biz!


Lanyardlady said...

I love pinwheels, especially lined up along a country driveway with the wind blowing them all like crazy. Mid-90s here today in NC. As usual, spring lasted 2.3 days.

Angela said...

Why aren't you wearing a bandana? Didn't you JUST learn how to properly fold one?

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