Monday, May 16, 2011

53 Riverbank Run 2011 Re-cap

Last week blogger was acting up, my reading list was gone, i couldn't post, it was horrible!  But we seem to be back to normal around here... 
"normal"- hahahahahaha!!  Let's pray that never really happens!
Soooooo, Saturday was the big race that I've been training for: The 53 Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, MI.
I started my day with this, because if it helps you climb a cliff surely it was going to help me run fast, right?
I was awake at 3AM, 4AM, 5AM up at 6AM.  I'm the girl that (when I was about 10) threw up my OJ on the blue shag carpet in my parents "BLUE JEANS" van**if you don't know about "Blue Jeans" you need to read back!** as we headed into Disney... I tend to get a little nervous about stuff.  We met running buddy and followed her downtown, I'm SO thankful for her because she knew where to go, where to park, and where to pee...
In the ally behind this fence- there were great tall grasses and it was a 2 seater (actually about 40 of us could have peed back there).  
We then posed for a pre-race, post-pee picture
I love this gal!! She's a running STUD! 
Did you notice the puddles in the road?  It poured!!!  They started the 5k at 7AM and it was POURING, we started at 8 and by that time it was only misting, but that didn't mean I didn't have to swim across some giant puddles!
My running buddy totally set the pace for us, I can't tell you how thankful I am for her.  I knew if I could stick with her I'd be happy with my time.  Let me give you a play-by-play of my "self-talk" mile by mile
Mile 1 "Oh dear God, why did I do this?"
Mile 2 "OMG I hate this, why in &$*% did I want to do this?
Mile 3 "good grief I'm only 1/2 way done, 6.1 miles, what in the WORLD?!"
Mile 4 "OMG I feel awesome, my lungs feel great, my legs feel awesome, get movin' PSYCHO!" (as I'm running up a HILL, which is a nice touch 4 miles in, don't you think?
Mile 5 "Only 1 mile left, this is AWESOME"
at this point I'm coming back into the downtown and people are yelling and cheering and shouting "you're almost there, the finish line is around the corner"
Finish Line: "that was AWESOME, I can't wait to do this again!!!!"
The blur in the pink hat, pink skirt and black top.... that's ME!  I finished # 918 out of over 2, 200 runners and was #21 in my age group. My time was 54:24. I wanted to turn around to some of the younger guys I was passing and yell "you're letting a 42 year old woman pass you- HAHA!"
After the race we got in line...
For all my friends that say they'll never run.... doesn't this tempt you just a little bit??
Yes, this is at 9 in the morning, don't judge! My other friend "Weed Lady" who also ran the 10k.
My Big supporter and photo journalist of the day: my Mister.
The Mister was so inspired he's running the 5k next year!  The energy and camaraderie of a race is VERY inspiring... so much so I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of the 25k next year, yep, that's over 15 miles!!
obligatory goof-ball shot
Now this next shot in NOT for the faint of heart, it's gross... I'm warning you....
This is what your foot (actually MY foot) looks like after running 6.1 miles in the rain and then hanging out in wet socks and shoes for over 2 hours...
Somebody get a toe tag!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!  Did you do anything fun?


BundlesofBlossoms said...

Loving that fabulous running skirt/skort, whateva, so super cute!!

I am so proud of you! We love watching marathons. The spirit and passion of runners is indescribable! Congratualtions-you should feel really proud! Oh and "runners feet" yep they are pretty ick-LOL!

Melanie said...

Okay, I was going to be all complementary until you showed that foot shot. Have you no shame, woman? You kill me! Don't you know my foot issues? I kid. Sorta.

I know what you mean about the good feelings at the races. When Middle Sister has run her half-marathons it is always so fun after that it makes me want to run, but I am just not a runner. I will meet you at the beer tent though! Congrats on your achievement and looking cute while you did it!

Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

SOOOOOO Proud of you!!!!!!

1. You looked adorable! You know when you look cute you run much faster ;)

2. I love that you showed where you pee'd pre race. That's true runner talk right there. Now just wait until you share poo stories - no wait don't do that. It still makes me uncomfortable when people talk about that.

3. a 10k is 6.2 miles - give yourself credit for that extra .1!!!

4. I can't wait until you do the 25k..... you will totally rock it!!! remember - it's 90% mental when you run... just believe in yourself and you can do it. how else do you think I did 26.2 smiling the whole time?

5. and think twice before you talk smack to those behind you - if we are in the same race that would be me!!!! But these days I'm running for 2 so I guess I can take it!


LuLu Kellogg said...

You are totally in awesome shape!

LOL @ the feet! I am sure they are back to normal now!


Lanyardlady said...

congratulations on a great race. that foot is a sight to see.

Angela said...

LOL - that foot shot made me gag and giggle all at once :)

Love that Mister documented it all for you. I love the blurry photo the best! I am proud of you!!

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Oh my God, OH MY GOD! IS that foot attached to your leg????? What is that? I was going to say that David looks great and of course so do you but now.....I think I can never ever be scarred by another person again and...then it happens.....

KJ said...

Awesome! Way to Go Girl! I love your mile play by play and I totally agree with you! I am not good at starting, but I go into gazelle mode to finish! Keep up the running!

Unusual Girl Studios said...

I'll have you know its been days since I first saw that foot picture and I am still thinking about kinda makes my toes curl. And, I want to assume the fetal position.

Renee said...

Yea for you. Great job.

Icky feet.

Maybe there is a better sock for running in the rain?

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