Thursday, May 12, 2011

The verdict is in...I really CAN'T draw!

So I have a BA in Fine Art and I can't draw.... shut up, it's true!  Ok, maybe I can draw better than that 104 year old man that drools in the nursing home and wears a diaper, but whatever! I want to draw, I really do! I'd be willing to give my left breast and although that's not a huge sacrifice (have you seen me?) it would be painful and strange.
My BFF, my mental twin, my partner in crime... the fabulous Chris of: Unusual Girl Studios  realized I need something to do besides blogging, pinterest, and color coding every one's closet so she pushed me to TAKE A CLASS at the local college of art and design.  
(you never know when drawing is gonna give you an asthma attack, hence the rescue inhaler!)
There were several options, but i WANNA draw so I stupidly obviously, signed up for "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain".  It's based on a book by that one lady whose name escapes me at this it if you want, I'm too lazy right now!  I loved the prof, she is going to be SOOOOOOOOO much better/nicer than that cheese hole I had in college.  The room was approx 90 degrees, but hey, I'm comin off a 10 month long Michigan winter, I was good except for my contacts.  The heat dried every bit of moisture out of my eyes which is never pleasant. Back to the class: The class was painful, horrible, and terrible.  I can't draw, i mean, I CAN'T DRAW and so it's hard and painful and not 1 bit fun. At the very beginning the prof told us there was no magic pixie dust and that it was going to be a lot of hard work! WHAT?! Crap, I thought this class WAS magic... Don't think I'm getting all negative and whiny (which I totally am) I know it's going to be a lot of work and I'm willing to do it because I really want to draw, but that does not in any way mean I'm not going to whine my way to the end!!
We started with a self portrait and let me just say this is hard for me to post, it's THAT BAD (and although I am not begging you to tell me it's not that bad, feel free, but I know you'll be lying!).  You may also be saying to yourself "hard for her to post? the dork that posts pictures of herself sans makeup, brushed hair and cute outfits?  It's true... I hate how I draw and the overwhelming feelings of stupidity and self loathing that pop up when I draw (thanks cheese hole college prof!).  Don't get all Dr. Phil on me, I'm ok... seriously, I'm not that deep!
Ok, here it goes...
For the love of all that is HOLY tell me this does NOT look like me because if it does I'm going to go wash my face with battery acid! Although, I think I was pretty accurate with the dark circles under my eyes!
Did I mention the Mister thinks he's hot stuff 'cause he's got it goin' on with a college chick?  I reminded him 1 class did not really make me a college chick, but hey....whatever!
To justify why I look so bad in the above photo.... I ran this morning! I then iced my knee and am happy to report the swelling is down.  I'm taking tomorrow off and am ready to run my toenails off on Saturday morning!  That's how you know you're a REAL runner, you run so hard you crap your pants and tear your toenails off!!  Sounds fun, right!
What's that? You want a close up of my super sexy Victoria Secret model slippers?
Don't hate...appreciate!


lisianblue said...

lo that isn't that bad - you should see the one I did - of someone else! Stick with it -even with the 90 degree room - get some rewetting drops - and practice, practice practice - give yourself a break,it was your 1st class right!

Angela said...

okay, I am not telling a lie - that is way better than I expected. It does actually look like you a bit. If I drew a pic of myself I am sure it wouldn't look a thing like me! That being said, isn't drawing a person kind of a hard thing to start on? If I had to start with a person I would give up! We started with a block, then a metal pitcher, then we moved up to a cow skull, a tricycle, and then an animal... we never even made it to a real person-- of course I took drawing during Summer school so maybe I got lucky and ran out of time before getting to a person...anyway, what I am trying to say is that is really good for your first drawing. I am impressed.

BundlesofBlossoms said...

I am so proud of you! I think it's awesome to really work hard at something that you really want to do and by the way, sista.......I am diggin' those polka slippers!

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Oh, my God! I thought I was going to kill you if you did not take that class! And I am pretty sure that I still will if you do not go to every class! And do not think for one minute that you can run from me because I drive. Now- I thought you were going to say that was a drawing of the prof, because you do not look like that. But...who can (???) draw a picture of themselves? We all have such distorted self images! Move along, little doggy, its not what you produce from this class its what you take with you....

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