Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interior design nightmares....

Perhaps "nigh mare" is too strong of a word, but doesn't exaggeration always make for a better story?  OK, we're all tired of the Venetian plaster disaster story, and it's coming to an end; although I thought I could say that last week before i found the glob of paint in the bottom of the can...  One wall was white, one wall was streaky yellow and white ...  I went over it for the 4th time yesterday.  After I made that mess I decided we should paint the fireplace wall light blue... well, after that was painted my stomach hurt for 2 days knowing that wasn't going to work!  I finally came clean with the Mister and then we had that to fix (and by "we", I mean the Mister!!) with another layer of paint.  My walls are now 4 inches thicker with paint, that should help with the heat bills next winter!  
Dark, dreary green going to light turquoise (which looks baby blue)
 Light turquoise, which was pretty but did NOT go with all our bright artwork, but did look nice with the pastel Easter decorations.  Fireplace waiting for tile, windows waiting for trim...vacuum waiting to be put away.
So when it was time to repaint the wall, I took a suggestion from a friend;  the wonderful Angela of http://picklesonpizza.blogspot.com/ .  She suggested we use the same paint we'd used on our cabinets.
The true colors are a little hard to see since I live in dreary MI.  Trust me, it's SO much better!!  Thanks Angela!!
You'll also notice my new window trim is UP!! Yippeeeeee!  The fireplace is getting new tile tonight and then.... I need to get the mantel and walls decorated.  I'm thinking of making (another) fabric banner for the fireplace wall.  I love how the one in my bedroom turned out and it was easier than I thought.
I think a banner will help tie all my colors together.  I've been thinking over and over of how I want my house to look and what my style is...
This is what I want to do to our dining room set
So I think my style is shabby, vintage, carni junk!  Basically if the Queen of Shabby Chic: Rachel Ashwell would have a baby with a Carni, that baby would be my interior designer!  Do you think she's up for it?
I better run I have LOTS to do today!  
(Speaking of "run", I started running again and my knee isn't acting up so I'm off to sign up for my 10k, only 2 weeks of training left...gulp!)
**Happy Tuesday and make sure you let me know if there's a carni baby available for hire!!**


LuLu Kellogg said...

Love the new paint!

OMG, I thought I was the only one that used the phrase "carni junk"....are you sure we are not long lost sisters?

Let me know when your package gets there!!!


Lanyardlady said...

I love the new colors and the eclectic decor. Have never heard the term carni junk but love it. Maybe a new lanyard name soon!

Funny in My Mind said...

I love the fireplace wall color!
Can't wait to see the end result.
Your bedroom is beautiful, I have black and white toile drapes and wallpaper in the master bath and I put aqua with it for accent.

KJ said...

Awesome on the 10k training! Love, Love, Love the dinning room set idea! Love your style no matter what you call it ; )

Angela said...

Looking great! I just got all caught up with your blog today! I have been a mess of packing tape and boxes for the last 4 days --BUT I am about to make my last trip to the post - yay me!

I can't really see Rachel Ashwell and a Carni producing a little designer for you anytime soon :) BTW - we have a carnival in our town right now so I have a very good visual and NOPE, can't see it.

Okay - the porky and IBS --its one part smoked meat and the other part cabbage causing that disaster. Believe me, I know just what triggers all of that :D When I went to CBK in Nashville, I missed a whole Basic Grey class because of a smoked turkey sandwich...

Glad the new color is working for you :)

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