Wednesday, June 29, 2011

U2 at Michigan State University

Over a year ago the Mister bought us tickets to U2....then Bono had to have back surgery! info here  Finally, Sunday night we were at MSU Stadium to see them!!

  The stage alone was something to see!! I would have done it in pink, but that's just me!
We were 65 rows up, directly out from the stage, really great seats!!

The giant screen above the stage with info scrolling across it... notice what it says on the bottom?  I knew I had to "post" this picture!!

 These "light guys" loaded at the bottom and then rode up on their little seats, not sure I'd want to do that, but talk about the BEST seat in the house!! See them behind those lights?

 And then...there they were!!  Bono, are those high heeled boots?  It's ok if they are, I still LOVE you!! I have no idea how or why they wore the jackets... it was pretty stinkin' warm, even I had on a tank top (my tube top was in the wash)!!

 These 2 (lady in the white tee and guy in the blue tee) were having a blast, dancing their legs off, or having a serious medical condition?!  I love how the lady in the aqua tee (bottom rt) is looking back at them, maybe she was an EMT?  Don't ya love how dressed up everyone got for the boys?

The screen above the stage was AWESOME, I only wish my pictures of it would have been clearer.  Throughout the night there were close ups of the band, artwork, information and then....

 it moved and the screen spread out like one of those green mesh bags fruit comes in!

I'm not much of a concert goer, I usually get bored after an hour, but not Sunday night!  They were just incredible, I could have stayed ALL night....
But it was finally time to say "Good Night"....Say it isn't so!
Oh U2, you were SO worth being downwind from someone who apparently ate rotten fish and cabbage before the show and being mauled by that giant mean woman who was convinced she had to get on the bus before me!


Erin Bradley said...

These are great photos! It looks like you had a really fun time!! :)

Angela said...

Looks like a GREAT concert!

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