Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get in my BELLY!!!

if you follow me on pinterest, you may have seen these
lemon ginger potstickers!  
if you don't follow me on pinterest....well, not everyone can be cool!  
just kidding, you CAN be!  if you need an invite to pinterest, let me know at:
anywhoooo.... to give proper credit to this lovely lady, you can grab this recipe over at: ourbestbites 
the picture is her's too.... because the last thing you want me to do is start trying to take photo's of what i cook, trust me!
let me interrupt right here and let you know i was planning on blogging about all my fabulous auction finds here today.  1st off it turned out to be an estate sale in a teeny tiny house. i showed up at about 9:30, had to wait 2 HOURS to even get in the house, got hit on by an old man and then bought NOTHING!  as i stood in the cold i saw person after person leaving with everything i wanted... it was a total waste of time, sadly! so today we'll talk about what i ate last night-enjoy...
last night darling and i made these for supper, she is quite the dumpling filler, let me tell ya!  i would have taken pictures BUT... i didn't realize my printer was out of ink and i'd have to keep running over to the computer to check the next ingredient and the next step!  i burnt off my supper before i ever ate it!  i'm going to tell you what i did a little differently: i used a can of white meat chicken (cause it's SOOO easy), chopped up cabbage, water chestnuts, ginger and green onions then grated a little lemon peel and mixed it together.  and then i followed her directions!  i did not measure anything out too much, just kinda cut and dumped-it came out fine!!  it does take a little time, but let me tell you... it was so worth it!  i had plenty left over since we used an entire package of won ton wrappers and i can hardly stay out of them today!  if you're looking for a great supper idea, give this a try and stop by our best bites and let them know chinamommy sent you!
i'm having some girlies over to get our craft on this weekend, i've got to go dig out the crafting area!!
Happy Hump Day!


LeeLu Creations said...

Those potstickers sound yummy!

Gotta watch those old men. I guess they figure they got nothin' to lose so they might as well go for the score! Lol.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I didn't even know what a pot sticker was until I went and looked at the recipe! LOL, I don't get out much :)

These old guys know a cutie when they see one!!!


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