Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oops, i did it again....

so last week i'm at burlington coat factory looking for a coat for darling.  of course we ended up in house wares and there they were.... light blue drapes by waverly and not just any light blue drapes, they had PUT A BIRD ON IT!  they only had 1 panel, i NEEDED 3.  after i tore the dept apart looked through every bin i realized they indeed only had 1 panel, so i bought it.  the following day i went to the burlington on the other side of town, got there 10 min before it opened and was AMAZED at the people waiting to rush the doors, it was weird. i tore to the back of the store, because i was convinced they were all there to grab my bird panels! 
 they had them, they had them, they had them!!!! 
and guess how many? 
 yep, just the amount i needed.  so now i am the owner of the ONLY 3 bird panels in west michigan.  i get them home, i hang them up and.... they don't match my wall color. 
this is the picture they show on waverly's site
yuck, they are NOT that horrible 90's country blue color and i had to go look at them to see if that was REALLY even the pattern, it is.  in reality is is a beautiful light tiffany blue, i love them, but...
Oops, i did it again.... you see my problem is this, i'm dreaming away....can't you see i'm a fool in so many ways...this is just so typically me...
thanks Britt, Britt for describing my decorating issues with the perfect lyrics!
this is the before, when apparently more was...well, too much!
this is after: pattern OVERload
the paint color is off, the banner needs to come down, the prints are too much together, i need to get curtain rods and i have now lost my way with this room.... i swear this room makes me feel like someone has a hand mixer in my brain!  
my decorating style is ADD... i don't do well with NOT being able to take $15-20 grand and pay someone else to do it (not that i've ever done this, but i'm pretty sure that would be my BEST option), the mister doesn't do well with handing me 20 grand for decorating.  
i found a wonderful site houzz
ideas for your home out the ying-yang!
i'm off to study it.
opinions are welcome...


BundlesofBlossoms said...

I am in love with those curtains!!!

I feel the same way in our bedroom, too. I just can't get it right.

I think I might steal your bedspread, okay?

Funny in My Mind said...

I like it better. Keep it along with the banner, ok?

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Do you think your newest choice of pattern reflects a quieter, more 'at peace' time in your life? (Because I was just thinking that I would hang some zebra stripes on my windows.) Because that's how this new pattern feels to me= pretty, serene and restful.

Angela said...

Cute curtains! Sorry but my brain is so fried right now I can't offer any advice :(

KT said...

I was also someone driving around west mi and northern Indiana looking for these very curtains after finding only ONE panel in Lansing...they had one hanging but wouldn't sell it! So....if u are tired of them, let me know! I have one panel hanging defiantly in my guest bedroom. kathrynnewton99@hotmail.com

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