Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Friday...

1. it's day #7 of the Shabby Apple "12 Days of Christmas" discount codes!  look what you can save 25% on today....
click HERE and then type in "day7" to get 25% off this gorgeous holiday dress!!

2. i just got back from running 4.2 miles. my running buddy is still not back at it so i did it alone... well, i did have biggie and Sir-Mix-a-Lot to keep me company... the music i listen to while running is just plain embarrassing and seriously, some of the things those rappers say....lord, wash their mouths out with bleach!

3. it's cold here ane when you are a wimp like me, you need to have the right gear. so i made arm warmers. asics arm warmers run around $25!  Mine... $1.50!  Want to make some of your own?  Come back next week and i'll show you how!

4. speaking of cold, look what my yard looked like on November 10th!
that's our (outside) kitty: Petunia Cakes

5. darlings new hat
much cuter on HER!

6. loving this new nail polish
sally hansen insta-dri in "coco a-go-go".  don't judge it based on my shabby looking nails... i've been wrist deep in paint and glitter

7. this is my dining room table this week
it's making me crazy!! i've been painting ornaments like a mad woman and since today is sunny, i have got to get pictures taken!!!

8. how cute is this bunny we saw at a local farmer's pumpkin patch?!

9. i bought these boots
i got black, but black was hard to see... they're minnetonka on zappos:HERE

10.  are these cute, or what??
hop over to her shop HERE!
i use to work with deb and she is SO talented.  if you need something custom, she'll hook ya up!
happy weekend friends!


Melanie said...

I'm gonna need better pics of that kitty! Doesn't she get cold in the snow? So darn cute. And the bunny! You just want to kiss the heck out of them both!

Love the boots and Darling's new hat!

Anonymous said...

It's sofia from the blog from-japan-with-love....having trouble signing in to comment so I'm "anonymous". Anyway, I can't believe you have snow!! It was so humid and warm here in Japan I wore sandals and a top I wore in the summer! Your kitten sure is cute!!!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Um, let's just say that I want darling's hat!

We are total crazy cat ladies-why why why are we blogging about our cats? We need therapy. There's also not one darn thing wrong with the music you listen to while running-I crank up the same music in my kitchen when I'm cooking and in my studio when I'm sewing, because it's to awesome NOT to!!!!

P.S. I love your blog it always makes me amile!!!

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