Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving ideas and...Shabby Apple deal-of-the-day!

1st GREAT idea for Thanksgiving?... save 25% on this dress to wear to your feast!
go HERE! to save 25% off the Cider dress and make SURE you use this code at checkout: "day4"
isn't it cute?
this code is good ONLY today, the 15th!!

2nd idea: an easy-peasy Acorn Tree DIY!
Acorn Tree?, i think that's called an oak tree, but not today!
grab: a branch, leaves, glitter, acorns (you hoard them like i do don't you? if not use felted acorns you can buy on etsy!), twine, glue gun, a tall (kinda heavy) vase and some mod podge! 
 you really want some dry floral foam down in your vase to anchor your branch.  i squeezed some glue on the branch before i stuck it in the foam and then let it sit while i moved on to the glitter steps!
 what is a holiday without glitter? a lame holiday, that's for sure!  i pulled the caps off the acorns (make sure you lay the caps next to the acorns, i was going to put nuts, but i know how SOME of you girls are...). paint the caps with mod podge and sprinkle with glitter!!!!!  i used Martha Stewart glitter in brownstone. 
 while the glitter was drying i tied little bits of twine to the branches and sprayed it with...
 clear acrylic spray. i don't know why...to seal it?!  
 before i glued the caps on, i glittered the acorns with Martha Stewart glitter in turquoise, 'cause TURQUOISE acorns, duh!!  i used the glue gun to glue the caps on and....
 i put a spot of glue on each cap then pressed the twine into the caps.  i also added some leaves around the base of the twig.
 purty, hun?
this isn't that hard, and you wouldn't HAVE to add the glitter, but why you wouldn't i have NO idea!!  it does take a bit of time to add the glitter and let it all dry, but trust me, while it's drying you'll have plenty of glitter to clean from every inch of your bod, every corner of your kitchen, and (if you're lucky) off the dog!


Angela said...

LOVE it!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Seriously...I LOVE this! I want to do one in black and white for my studio now!


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Oh my gosh! I knew you were clever but I did not know the depths of your genius! Where were you hiding all this cleverness? (and yes that is a prompt for a comment about a super colon.)

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