Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

i can NOT believe today is friday! this week went soooooo fast for me, i think my mind is still back on monday!

1. darling was a peacock for halloween, i did a terrible, horrible, no good job of taking photo's.  i hope it's nice this weekend so i can put the outfit back on and get some good pictures for her album!

2. we took her trick or treating 2 places, she did not want to go, she hates to say "trick or treat".... we took her to the AA group meeting place (we know a wonderful man that is 1 year sober-yeah!) and the family tavern (we know the owners), true story.

3. our pumpkin for the disney theme contest at school- Cinderella's Carriage.

4. we went to my cousin's fabulous wedding in washington DC this past weekend, it was wonderful!  she and her now husband dated 11 years.  her parents dated 3 days... yes, DAYS!

5. the shoes i wore to my cousin's wedding 
(steve madden)

6. the missoni shoes i got for HALF OFF!!

7. anyone else get sucked into kim's wedding?  i spent more time watching that carnival than it lasted.  who else thinks she did the right thing by cutting bait now?  that dude was a freak and has the maturity level of a 14 year old!

8. clearance halloween decoration...$1!
(and the star was made by #10)

9. the last of the hats...

they will all leave for China today!!!
thank you again for everyone's generous donations of hats and $.  i will be including a camera, so let's hope we get pictures again this year!!!

10. it's this gals' birthday today
go wish her a Happy Birthday at:

have a GREAT weekend!!  i'm headed to the post office :)


BundlesofBlossoms said...
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BundlesofBlossoms said...

First of all you are amazing for being the ring leader for putting this hat drive together the way you do-my hat's off to you. The donations are AMAZING!

Loved darlings peacock costume. I wondered when I was going to see the final pics. I love how you went to an AA meeting and then to a bar-LOLOLOL!!!!

That pumpkin carriage was awesome. I bet if pumpkins never rotted you could have sold that on ETSY! See I'm always thinking:)

I am super duper jealous over your Missoni shoes-where in the world did you find them?

Thank you for the Kris Humphries bashing-I appreciate it so much, because it seems you and I are the only ones bashing that idiot and everyone else is bashing the K-Dash's. If people would re-watch all of the episodes with him in it you can clearly see how controling, mean, and immature that jacka$$ was and no one and I mean no one is even mentioning his awfulness. I can't stand that guy!!!!

Funny in My Mind said...

Please get some more photos of the adorable peacock in the Uggs.
Dying over where you took her trick or treating. Was there not a meth house too?
Gorgeous pumpkin!! I did the Grouchy Ladybug one year and won!!
The shoes are delish! And half price?? Can you back and get me some? Target is too far away!!
I detest any and all of the Kardashians.
Have a nice weekend!!

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Awww.....thanks, twin! Every year you come up with the cutest costumes for that child! I sure hope she appreciates her momma!

Lanyardlady said...

I have to say the Cinderella pumpkin is the cutest thing ever. And so is Darling. So two cutest things ever. Peacocks are awesome in all my favorite colors.

Melanie said...

Those shoes you wore to the wedding are so YOU! Oh, and I hate you and your kid size shoe and your half off crap. I wear the damn largest size in everything and big girls take stuff fast. It's never on clearance and if it is, big girls shouldn't be wearing it. Skinny girls are mean, but I bet you were cute rockin those shoes!

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