Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paint and Glitter and Letters and Tulle, oh my....

i'm up to my eyebrows in all those things! i've been painting initial ornaments for several days and am getting ready to ship a box out to mississippi.... sending them out to my southern belle pal, angela!  pickles on pizza.blogspot
don't ya love when you find someone online, become great (if unmet) friends, share the love, and help each other out?  angela and i have always been blogging/biz buddies; bouncing ideas off each other, promoting each other's items and blogs, and shops, it's a wonderful thing!!!  well, my friend angela has got herself in a little bit of a (good) pickle and it's not on a pizza!  see, this busy junkin', repurposing, vintage gal has got herself a booth at a local antique mall but she did a flea market last weekend and sold herself silly!  in the meantime i've got a house of goodies and no booth, so.... i'm sending her a box of glittery goodness and we're going to fancy up her wonderful, rusty vintage goodness with a little chinamommy glitter glam! Yee-hawwww!
don't worry, there are still some in the shop! chinamommy
let me hold you over with some cuteness
AND, give you a code to get 25% off this aMaZIng skirt from 
Shabby Apple, the Industry skirt!!
just enter the code "day11"
now, excuse me while i get back to my breakfast
and back to packing!!

1 comment:

LuLu Kellogg said...

Now that's MY kind of breakfast! International Delight has the Almond Joy creamer at the grocery now. I had to get some and put just a splash in my coffee and it's delish!!

You are a real friend helping your galpal out with her booth! Your sparkley goodness will fly out of there!

Darling is soooooooooo cute!


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