Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Owl figurines are baaack!!

i finally was able to get my hands on 2 more vintage owl figurines.  2 very ugly brown owls from the 70's that were just begging me to coat them in several layers of glossy paint!  so here, they are in all their repurposed glory
orange glossy, perfect for year round or halloweenie decor:
 glossy white, cottage style:
 they will SOON be listed in my etsy shop give grandma sugar

and for you "dog people" enjoy this lazy beast.  he is on my "list" as he just had his 2nd run in with a skunk in less than a year!  i have found the cure to the smell though:  pour 1 giant bottle of hydrogene peroxide on him, then coat him in baking soda and let him baste for 10-15 min.  i then gave him a bath with tea tree oil shampoo and he's back to his regular smelly doggy scent!   
i'm headed outside to enjoy this wonderful west michigan sun and heat.... IN MARCH!  hope it's sunny where you are.


Angela said...

Good to know a skunk remedy just in case Todd & Lu ever confront one!! As for the lamp that changed your life - I love it!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I don't know what is worse...skunk or dogs eating their own poo. Ughh!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the owls!


Melanie said...

I seem to notice that the orange owl remarkably resembles something I have in my upstairs living room. Now, I wonder where I got that... However, it's the white one I'm loving right now because he would be very cute in my bathroom.

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