Tuesday, July 28, 2009

art, giveaways & wedgies at the fair!

FIRST off, i HAVE to mention the Cutie~Cupcake i'm giving away... Go to yesterday's post to ENTER & see the details!! Go, go NOW & tell EVERYONE you know!!!
I don't know if i mentioned we went to the fair last week. A county fair is always a great place to see couture Fashion!
i don't think she's going to lose him... nor will he be shot by a hunter! The local county fair- Once again proving there is someone for everyone!
I'm pretty sure he was with security
is this what they call an oxymoron?
As soon as my book (Skinny B*$ch) comes in the mail, we'll start eating healthy... Until then we had: French Fries with vinegar, ice cream sandwiches and (of course) an ELEPHANT EAR! Darling daughter asked me how they got it off the Elephant- ha!
She's 6 now, but still SO tiny she wasn't allowed on a lot of the rides, but any age can shoot a GUN!
did i mention how awesome the prizes are? who doesn't want an inflatable hammer that says "eat my dust" (perfect for smacking your mom on the bum the rest of the day!). Her outfit cracks me up! Lavender jump suit with a gold metallic cat, makes me wanna break out into "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor!
I really haven't done much art this summer... It's just too hard with Teddy (the new puppy) and darling daughter. The breeder "puppy-pad" trained him & Grrrrrr.... getting him to STOP peeing on rugs is making me want to pull my hair out. I am constantly watching his water intake & the clock & then yelling for darling to come take him out. Yeah, the work of a puppy... not as much fun as she thought it was going to be! Did i mention she locks herself out of the house every time she takes him out, so no matter what i'm doing at the time (including a shower) i have to run unlock the door!
anyway, i started this several weeks ago & now it's finally hanging!
i usually don't make stuff for our home, so this was a fun project! The little ceramic girl is by Ashley G
Happy Tuesday- looks like rain here in W. Michigan! Love to work in the art room when it's raining!
OH... just found this amazing tutorial, a "Frozen Charlotte" tutorial no less! Not sure what this is? Go check it out here on Sandy's Creations:
Sandy's a wonderful artist & will be in Somerset Home magazine soon! WOW! If you love mixed media art & don't know of the Somerset Magazines.... you MUST check them out! Run like a bunny over to Sandy's blog & tell her chinamommy sent you!


Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

LOL @ the "couture fashion" at the fair. I have been SO excited for our county fair...I haven't been in 4 years, something always happens. Nothing is stopping me this year! Why do people think puppy pads are a good idea? Isn't it frustrating? I always tell people, "you are teaching your dog it's okay to pee in the house!" Your daughter is beautiful and puppies are A LOT of work, it's like having another kid...

Coastal Sisters said...

OMG I am dying laughing!! Love the couture at the fair!

I am so glad you popped by for a visit from Sandy's Blog...she's such a doll. Glad you enjoyed by Blog :) I am loving yours too!

LOVE your cupcakes..so pretty and sweet. Your daughter is such a little beauty..just precious.


Lori said...

Ahhh the fair! You forgot to mention the wonderful fragrances of fairs, horse poop and grease! Yes fair fashion here is as yo mentioned but we also have a fair share of slutty fashions too! I think they try to pick up a carnie guy! ICK! Had a girl/young woman on my city block hook with one many years ago they had twins. I will omit how they appeared! yes, i too had an ele.ear, son brought one home! Now about Western MI where the heck do you live? Email me now I'm curious! I travel the "coast" Western lake MI for antiques and just fun! If you've no ocean, at least some water is better then nothing! No seriously I adore MI and have wonderful memories of it going back to my childhood. Yep, we had rain in S.B a stinkin drop only. Later,Lori

Pro-Portional said...

Oh dear god those twin wedgies . . OMG . . those wedgies . . . OMG!!!!

How did they get them off the elephant!? Too. FRAKKIN. PRECIOUS!!!!

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