Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pure Eye Candy

So what am i going to post about today? i'm TRYING to post more often because how am i ever going to be a famous blogger/artist like i told my cousins kid i was, if i don't post more often?! Could i type the word "POST" more often?
maybe i could do a series called "sexy pictures of me" or "pictures of me my only child will inherit of me looking genius"or pictures of me giving a doll a rectal exam:

or pictures of me in a gang:Or... strange things that happen in my home- stop it you 2, get a ROOM! or soon to be famous inventions by the Mister:

"Dog slower-downer"

and this is totally off the subject (aren't you GLAD?) but... i found this Love & Nature Bedding at Target & HAD to have it for darling daughter's room. I know, I know... i just re-did her room, but take a look & you'll see why!
Have a great day we're off to some fair thing. I'm going for the elephant ear & tomorrow i'll buy the book & start eating better!


Kugo said...

OMG, someone I know is reading this skinny bitch book and he loves it. I hate skinny bitches.

LillySue said...

Heehe~ I love your attitude!
The bedding is adorable!!

Lori said...

You are soooo funny and I love it! I adore anyone who can be 100% and enjoy it! Lori

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