Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good-bye wes, ya weasel!

Please tell me you're as into the Bachelorette as i am? Seriously, could wes be anymore of an *&$&%$ ???? IF i liked country music i wouldn't listen to his "music" on principles alone! Here is my breakdown of the dates in SPAIN, IF you want to know & then i will move on to cuter craftier things now that the ding-dang funniest contest is over (thanks to those that voted, i was in the bottom 5 i'm quite sure!!). The pressure to be funny was killing me, i couldn't sleep at night!
ummm, personally i don't know why she thinks he's so "perfect", yeah, whatever, he's ok. they take a dance lesson & his pants are so tight you can tell the year of the quarter in his pocket... Ewww! Off on a scooter for dinner & he runs them into the curb, which reminds me of a childhood memory, may i share? My mom who is the world's best volunteer (or was when we were kids) use to deliver "meals on wheels" every week to old people that couldn't cook for themselves. So EVERY week we would head to the hospital to pick up that nasty institution food & they would load it into whatever ugly car she was driving at the time- perhaps it was the school-bus yellow Vega? as we left the parking lot we would take a right turn and she would HIT THE CURB EVERY SINGLE WEEK! No joke, she NEVER missed a week... & again i digress with my bachlorette throw down. Kiptyn- sorry dude, no "fantasy suite". Good girl Jillian!
while cute (he has dark hair, what can i say: i loves me that dark hair) & successful he is a yawn fest! Glad he came back but he's someone i would want someone else to date, not me (& since i am married, that's a plus). Jillian couldn't keep her lips off him & that's probably a good thing since he is NOT funny & really didn't have anything interesting to say. Ed talks her into the "fantasy suite" but only for "time together fully dressed"! Thank you people for not making this some slutty "get it on" show!... Reed/Reid
whatever, he's CUTE! R & Jillian shopped for food, giggled like school girls & slaughtered the language of Spain which would be Spanish, i believe. Jillian begs for an "i love you Jillian, i can't live without you" & gets: we're similar, you smell good, & i'm slow to open up with my feelings- blah, blah, blah" Sorry Reed/Reid- no fantasy suite for you either, my man! & is it just me, or does he remind you of Chandler from "Friends"? i like him, he's funny AND cute...

wes... whose name i will NOT capitalize nor will i color it to make it match his shirt like i did for the other boys!

he sucks! he is a cold hearted, selfish, attention seeking, narcissistic ___ (fill in the blank).
when Jillian FINALLY sent him packing i wept tears of joy.
My fav part... well, i can't decide, is it: a) the fact he took the free trip to Spain knowing full well he was there to promote his sucky music (fav comment: some song of his is #1 in Spain so he is "at home with the people there", b) the picnic lunch where she asks if he'd move to Canada & he says "that would be crazy" & then she says "well how would it work if i pick you & he says..."that bird has no foot" & spills his beer, c) at the rose ceremony where he tells the other guys "he's going" & they can think of him back home having tons of sex (really wes?) or d) when he gets in the limo & proves once again what a HUGE creep he is...
If you're NOT watching the show, sorry for that...but i feel much better!
Ok, i'm off to do "show prep" for tomorrow when i get back to craftier endeavors, until i get side tracked again! :)


♥zoe♥ said...

Aren't you just make me laughed again and reminds me my big sister who stayed in Hong Kong, The tan's sister always have the secret behind our husband and we do love to watch charming and good looking guys in the show *lolololo* but i love my man so much indeed *teehee*

I haven't watch the show but the last one you mentioned really sucks! Bye bye for him*tehee*


Rose said...

I always get into watching these type of shows. Beauty and the geek was the latest one i watched!
Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment about my necklace :) I dont sell on etsy, only because I dont have enough time to make things to sell, perhaps over my christmas break I could make lots of things and open an etsy shop! that would be loads of fun.


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