Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cinnamon tasty thighs

yeah, you know that forward that someone has sent you at some point about finding your porn name... you pick the first letter of your 1st name & find the word that corresponds with it, then your last, or middle... Anyway, my porn name is Cinnamon Tasty-Thighs & were they right, or what? The latest in my ongoing "things that are annoying me" saga. Bug bites?! Remember i just got over the poison ivy, well these bites were mixed into the bunch & apparently that horrible steroid med. didn't take care of them. Don't be jealous of my outfit... don't tell Stacy or Clinton on "What not to Wear" about me. Notice i am wearing a FLANNEL top (with gingerbread girls) & a fleece robe, PEOPLE: IT IS JULY! Yesterday was the coldest July ever recorded here in this state of mine... i am also wearing my new green running shorts because flannel pants do nothing but irritate the bites & i'd like to come out of this summer without claw-scars all over my legs. Isn't the pink calamine lotion pretty? Ohhh.... did i say running shorts ?! Yes, because it's in my 5 year plan to run again. Maybe i should blog more about that & then you guys can all pressure me because i don't want to be an "i shoulda" gal. i ran for years, 18 miles a week! i begged my brothers to feel how hard hard my butt cheeks were- they would yell to my mom "she's trying to make us feel her butt again" & my mom would say "oh honey, come here", squeeze my tush and say "yeah, good". The trouble is, i just don't want to START the running again. i'm good once i'm in shape & not all "this hurts.... i can't breath.... i wanna stop... my legs are tired.... my side hurts..." - i HATE that part. i should invent a pill (since most people seem to LOVE to pop a pill-you know who you are....) that just gets you to the point of shape. it would have to have some horrible side effect if you didn't continue to run though... like you smelled like dog poop, or you throw up your own waste. I know, that was ridiculously gross, but i'd be a marathon runner if that happened to me! I think the dog poop is a great way to segway (that is NOT spelled right, am i saying it right?, my spell check doesn't even know what i'm trying to say.. you know, lead you into the next part of my ramblings... THAT word!) into this: kinda, cause this is cute & dog poop isn't, but anyway...
i was googling "Yorkie puppy clothes" & OH MY.... people really ARE nuts about their pets! I can't believe the sheer # of sites dedicated to clothing for animals! i love how the dresses below say: ONLY $27.99! Really? ONLY? i bought darling daughter's puppy a tee shirt at Target for $5, i'm good with that- i want new clothes for ME, not the dog! i can totally see how you can turn NUTS for your dog, i easily get sucked into stuff like this! My computer is being funny- lucky for you, or i'd have 1,000 outfits listed, but it was taking forever & these were the 1st 3 i peeked at. Believe me this is only the tiniest tip of the outfit iceberg!!! See the link below the pics if you just haffta, haffta have one of these outfits!

and because it's like having a new baby where you HAVE to show everyone pictures:

and another thing dog... i'm the boss around here & as soon as you realize THAT, the sooner you'll be under my command!
We've got some running to do today, so we're off like prom dress! Let me leave you with this:
GO VOTE!!!!!!! (for me)
sorry, i can't stop, really, i CAN'T!!


Kugo said...

If my dog would wear clothes, I would have bought him a polo shirt or something equally insulting. Your daughter is going to want to dress that puppy up, guaranteed. You should get them matching outfits!

Rose said...

What a sweet blog!

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