Thursday, July 9, 2009

Excuse me while i spazzzzz out...

so i woke up yesterday at 5 am... i remember in college i slept till 5 PM one time... it was overcast & every time i woke up i thought it was "too early" to get up... Guess i could sleep because i didn't have a kid or a puppy & i wasn't 40! So anyway, i woke up at 5 AM because i just realized it is darling daughters 6th birthday on July 19th & i had nothing, zero, nada, zip, planned! Yes, me, Martha Steward wanna-be (kinda)! i immediately set to planning a party in my mind full of ponies painted pink with rhinestone stars over 1 eye, a castle made entirely of candy that has a slide that slides down into the hand tiled pool i have the mister dig. Of course i've mosaic'd a cupcake of iridescent pink tile in the shallow end! We'll fly in the Princess characters from Disney & maybe some of the other guys as well. Daughter & puppy are wearing matching hand embroidered outfits trimmed in marabou feathers & i've got on a little number by Betsy Johnson with Manolo Blahnik sandals.

you know, something simple & understated... thank goodness for my mister who shook me violently & saved me from my crack-like party hallucinations!

So instead we're doing a party in the park & taking the girls to the local ice cream shoppe, whewwww! thanks honey for talking me down off the ledge!

But... this post must be short because we're off to find a t-shirt & rhinestones & tulle for a custom "6" t-shirt... come on, i have to! Yes, yes, the Yorkie puppy (dear little Teddy) will be wearing a party outfit- photo overload on it's way!

and because i no longer have to beg for votes, i'll just encourage you to check out my store on etsy: chinamommy. you can just hit the link on the side. Cutie~Cupcakes now have a lower price!

have a great day & i'll post pics of the outfits when they're done (which is usually 3 min. before the start of the party). i haven't forgotten to post pictures of my NEW entry, but i'm on the hunt for 5 vintage doors to replace the cheap-o nasty oak ones currently installed. i just want to post the finished work & not ruin it with the ugly doors!



Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

Love that cupcake!!!

jen said...

that pink dress is adorable!!!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Adorable cupcake!!! SOOO SWEET!!! LOOOOVE the BJ dress! Gosh you have great taste! tee! hee! ;) XO, Jenn

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