Thursday, July 30, 2009

isn't it better for me to keep bugging you about a contest where YOU win something instead of me (that funniest blogger contest)?!! Go to MONDAYS post & see what you have to do to win this
Cutie~Cupcake!!is it any reason i can't get anything done on the computer today? Yes, that is darling daughter in a dog bed right next to me, yes it's pink & yes, he's a boy dog- sue me! he has no nuts now, he doesn't care & besides: aren't dogs color blind? He's secure in his masculinity or lack thereof!Did i run last night- no, but... we did go for a walk & that's the 1st step! to go out & kill myself & feel like crap for a week just isn't a good idea. Let me tell you how relaxing this walk was: Darling daughter wanted us to ride bikes so she could ride in that pod thing behind Mister's bike. i didn't want to ride bikes, i'm headed toward running AND i'm the Mom & i get to say what we're doing. Darling Daughter was furious... REALLY? Why does she think she is suddenly in charge? Hmmm, perhaps she IS a bit spoiled- so hard when there is only 1! i try REALLY hard & she is a great kid 99.9% of the time, but last night... Grrrr!
In her 6 yr old mind i guess she thought if she screamed & cried the entire time we would get out the bikes... NOPE! Yeah, the whole walk she cried & acted like she was dying. i'm surprised no one in the subdivision (where we were walking) called family services or whatever that service is called. Think about it- a large man, a small woman & a screaming Chinese kid... looks a little shady if i do say so myself! I am happy to tell you she is still alive & well this morning & the walk didn't kill her!
i gotta go, she is laying beside me (see photo above taken moments ago) making loud "meowing sounds- no, that's not annoying AT ALL!!
i got some new "stuff" & am going to make some doggy pendants- hope to do that today once these 2 are locked in the dog run.
Have a great day & don't forget to enter your bad-self in my give-away!

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Kugo said...

LOVE that picture of your daughter and dog. I let my Max sleep in bed with my husband and I, he deserves it for being so lovable. I didn't know you were amish! hee hee ;-P


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