Monday, July 13, 2009

You say it's your birthday...

So this week is INSANE, you know, with dying those ponies pink & applying the rhinestone stars around their eyes and all... We have a birthday party to go to on Tuesday (& went to one this past Saturday), then darling daughter's party is this Saturday (hence, the pink ponies) and... My Grandma's 100th birthday is this Sunday! Yep, 100 & all her own teeth & hair! Amazing, am i right?! These are some pictures of her from this past Christmas:
apparently you have an itchy spot on your head when you're almost 100 this is her spot she's getting after right here:This is her typical "i'm not impressed" look. See the pursed lips & the "really? you got me prunes for Christmas? look"and here she is in her "snuggy", she was nice enough to call my mom & tell her it fit... Ummm, Gram, i think they are 1 size fits all... She's excited for a gift other than prunes or she thinks it's some kind of trophy she won. She's pretty sure it's a trophy for her hair as she once told me "I have the most beautiful silver hair in all of Huntington, people tell me that ALL the time". No, she wasn't kidding & yes, she believes this with ALL her heart! My Grandma is... FULL of herself! I remember we took her someplace to eat for her birthday several years ago & as they were singing "Happy Birthday" to her she was directing them! She loves the center of attention, this one does... gee, who does that remind you of? Perhaps a person that would post a picture like this of themselves?
So, Florence Pauline, here's to YOU! I love ya bunches even if you did yell at me as a child "get off my railing" 100 times an hour.
Ok, cupcake & birthday yumminess:
this little chocolate number by suite106cupcakery (on etsy). i bet there are NO calories in this goody, doesn't it look FABULOUS!!!
i ♥ this t-shirt by: planetpudge (also etsy, as is everything else i'm showing). Ist this C*U*T*E or what?? do you think i could get one with 40 candles?

cupcake toppers by sevencupcakes. do you think she has 7 kids? if so, how in the world would she have time to dress let alone make these cuties?
well, you can see on the picture where this came from! PatterofLittleFeet on etsy! a Hello Kitty cupcake scarf- you know how i love me the cute stuff!!! Cupcakes AND Hello Kitty... GET OUT! i ♥ it!!the food scarf's kill me, this one is by a fellow michigander:
kellyzkreationz. she has so many cute things in her shop- check her out & tell her chinamommy sent you!
and the frosting on this one? Genius!! So cute! You can find this in the shop called: FiercePixie - even the shop name is GREAT!!there is no more perfect advice than this... Mom? are you reading??!!
this is available from: jennysbakeshop
and this from: drinacat, need i say more? this is so cute i want to wear it everyday, you know just around the house & to Target... Ok, i have GOT to get going, it's 11:02 and i'm not even dressed... well, i'm DRESSED, but just in PJ's...
Happy Monday & don't forget:
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