Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Back, let's chat about "The Situation"!

I felt so bad for for not posting yesterday, but darling had the day off school and I was busy being her hired help with no pay. 
I am doing the invisalign braces 
(much better than the silver ones, eh?).

 Today was my 1 week check-up at 9 am.  Why, oh why do I think I can get darling on the bus at 8:12 and be at the dentist by 9?  I can barely get her to the bus stop let alone get myself ready and out the door by 8:40... yeah, i'm lame and well aware!  So... I get 3/4 of the way ready, jump into this gal: 

and fly out my icy drive-way and...
wait for it.... wait for it...
Collision may be a little too strong of a word, let's call it the bump.  You see, our driveway is blacktop and the road is not, so see, here, was the start of my "situation" (not to be confused with Mike,"The Situation" on MTV's show.... Long Beach, Long Island... No, none of those are right - i'll google it: ok- Jersey Shore! Not that I watch it, but it was on while I was flipping channels, No, really!!  Some stupid show with obnoxious Italian kids that call themselves "Guido's"  Nothing like making a long story longer, hun?).
You'll see below the beginning of my "situation"
See how I'm leaving blacktop... Yeah, when you're hurrying to make the bus stop & your car hits that ice, you know it's not going to be good! (Sand thrown on by the Mister after so-called-BUMP)

It's not good at all, because not only are you going to hit that ice & slide, you're going to slide right into brush filled snow, where you WILL get stuck, you WILL have to leave the dog in the car, you WILL have to walk VERY quickly with a 6 year old & a Hello Kitty backpack to the bus stop 1 road over, and you WILL have to call your Mister, get him out of a meeting & admit you might have been driving like a bat-outta-hell because you can't get your butt or your daughter's tiny butt movin' in the mornin'!


Wheww, only a small scratch patch!

All that before 9 in the morning... of course!
Geesh, what would I even blogged about if I wouldn't have had 

(yeah, that's Mike, "The Situation"-enjoy...UGH!)
I would probably have just told you a boring story about the fact I'm making darling daughter 

Can you believe how neat (and correctly) I've done the ribbing?
Problem being: I don't understand the next step, so let's just enjoy that ribbing...
how neat, how tidy, how lovely!

do you know of this crochet genius?
If you don't, you should!!

Ok, I'm headed down to my studio because now it's 11:35 am!
I'm dreaming of this:

West Michigan is under a "perma cloud" according to the weather man last night- ugh!
Have a great Day!!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
yikes on the car.
i am so ready for spring, and sunshine!
love the jersey shore. so crazy.
hope all is well
happy new years to you too

LuLu Kellogg said...

Girlie, you always make me laugh and bring sunshine to a icky day!! I don't have cable so I have not seen Jersey Shore but thanks for the eye candy!!


Anonymous said...

bummer about the car! Glad you are ok.

Anonymous said...

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