Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just call me Ugly Betty!

Yesterday I went & picked up my invisalign braces...  I haven't really gone into all my dental going ons, but i got it goin' on!  

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I have to have an implant... no, not that kind, only a tooth!  When I went to see my dentist he said if you want ANYthing done, you have to do it now because once the implant is in, you can't move any of your teeth.  I had braces as a kid, but my front teeth have shifted, so... wanting to maintain my "Trophy Wife" status (haha), we decided to go for it.  I am so thankful I don't have to do those full on SILVER braces- Wheww!  even though the thought of pink rubber bands were tempting...

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Speaking of brushing your teeth... with these braces you have to brush & FLOSS EVERY time you eat or drink... If you want a good way to stop the snacking, here it is!  I've never been much of a snacker, but let me tell you, the thought of flossing EVERY time I take a bite of anything really makes  you stop & get a drink of water instead!!

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Honestly, I have done NOTHING this week, just stewed about listing darling daughter's old clothes on ebay... I really don't like to do it, so I just keep stepping over the pile & saying I don't have the right size box to ship them in... I did take a big pile to goodwill yesterday, but the stuff I could get some spending $ for... I'd like to sell.  I want one of those rotating face brushes... do you know of what I speak??
Clarisonic Pro Skin Care Brush (in pink- DUH!)
DO YOU have one???  If so, please tell me about it!!!!!!!  I'm pretty sure Oprah has one & you know if Oprah has one, I want one too!! :)
On a serious note:
Please check out this blog by rubypearl (& how fitting for this post: RubyPearl collects dentures...go figure!)  She sells on etsy & is trying to help this young lady, Caitlyn, who has cancer.  This young girl was in the foster care system & you know (or maybe you don't) my heart for children who need adopted! Ruby Pearl is a REAL blog & a REAL seller on etsy & ebay, this is no scam!
 Please take a look at this post on her blog:


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