Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crochet mamma!!!

Remember the 2 crochet classes I took and my granny squares?  Well, I'm still at it & lookie, lookie what I did!!:
I made a cuff!

I've had this vintage rhinestone pin forever & love the size & style of it, but never really knew what to do with it.  It's in GREAT condition & the perfect touch, don't you think?

I don't know that I stayed exact to the pattern, but for my 1st cuff, I'm pretty happy with it... I may even make more!

I was feeling like such a pro, look what else I made:

Another pin for the finishing touch.  This handmade pin is by Juliet of LittleMissCrafty (go check her out!)

Anyone else out there crochet (or knit?)?  It still feels uncomfortable, but I can tell you the more you do it & the more you MAKE yourself hold the yarn correctly (& the hook), the more your hand gets use to it. I HATED how you have to hold the yarn & kept trying to find a way that felt normal... it never did, so I went back to holding it the RIGHT way & I'm so glad I did.  I'm amazed I've stuck to it, because it's not easy & I just want to know HOW to do it & be ABLE to do it: NOW!  I found this GREAT site:
If you crochet or knit, or you want to, this site is awesome!  Yarn, FREE patterns, a learning center, "community", shopping, help... it's ALL there!  If you're like me you'll have to check out every free pattern & then feel the need to download & print them all off.  Like I can live long enough to finish all these projects I have...
Of course, for more patterns, there is always!  I bought patterns for 3 CUTE kids hats (for darling daughter) & a really cute neck warmer...
this neck warmer pattern can be found on etsy (of course), her shop name is:

for darling daughter:
this cute "newsie hat" by adrienneengar

how stinkin' cute are these girls?! & don't you love her fingernail polish?  that's how I tend to wear mine too :)

all 3 of these hat patterns also found on etsy at:
she has a GREAT deal going on now with her patterns: buy 3 get 1 free!!
Gotta go get my stitch on!
Check back tomorrow for my new etsy goods!!
I'm excited about them & hope you will be too, let me just say, I felt myself chomping on glitter more than once this week...
Welcome new followers!!  Leave a comment, I'd LOVE to meet you!


Bella McBride said...

Good for you! It's always nice to challenge yourself and make a new craft!
Thank you so much for posting a picture of my Lumber Jillian Neckwarmer pattern! I'm delighted you enjoyed it!

Little Miss Crafty said...

Thanks for the advert :d Lovin' the crochet !

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