Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh my cuteness...

Wasn't real sure what I was going to post about so I started browsing the web & holy cuteness, it was EVERYWHERE!!  Must be a sign...
Do you want this calendar... FREE?!

You print it right from home, just download it & print!
Just go to the link below, sign up your email & it's YOURS!
Mine is all printed out, now I've just got to find a clipboard to hang it on...

Then I saw this by one of my FAVES...

 you can get it here:
along with a TON of other CUTE stuff
(hey momof5 & Amber Z... i'm pretty sure you girls will go nuts over their stuff!!)
here's more:

how do they get this candy to not "bleed" in the resin??
anyone know?? please tell me!!!

trust me, that is only the beginning!!!
Oh yeah, olliegraphic has a store (by that name) on etsy, go there for ALL kinds of downloadable personalized cards & stationary items!  She's so nice to work with & has the cutest stuff!  I had her do our Christmas card this year & was in LOVE!
these are 2 of her etsy items:

then... this is what I've been working on:

**little fawn pendants**
what do you think?

I've had this idea for a long time- to make pendants out of fimo clay, that's what I came up with!
Ok, I've got a sick girl home and am going to bleach her and everything else down!
Happy Tuesday friends!!  


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh my...these pendants are too stinkin' cute!

Hope the wee one gets better quick!


Angela said...

That plate is the cutest!! I love all of the collections in the post below!

I want a collection too! I just can't decide what...

I want cameras and gumball machines and typewriters and phones...maybe it should just be my collection of old technology :)

C. said...

Hey, how much are the pendants? I'll take two, a dark turquoise and the darker pink. I need them by easter- can we make that happen? Or Valentines day? And by the way- I happen to own thet very same enameled metal pink daisy pin and a blue one as well- they were my mother's!!!!

Dragonfly said...

Love you little pendants - very cute!
Love your blog too - I'll be back :-)
Cheers! Karen

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