Monday, January 4, 2010

2010...& I'm still alive!

Geesh, I remember as a kid thinking about the year 2000 & how I was going to be SOOOO and & look, it's 10 years past that & I'm still alive!
This years activities were tame, VERY tame...
We ate at our fave Mexican place: The Big Ol' Mexican... not the real name but that building has been The Big Ol...lots of different things.  Remember my picture from Feb at my 40th birthday?  That was taken at the B.O.M
After dinner the 3 of us headed home & just relaxed!  The Mister read a book (his NEW hobby), Darling played the Christmas DS, & I did some crocheting.  I was a little disappointed we didn't have big plans, but it turned out to be a really nice start to a long weekend & a new year! 
(for the record: i did NOT pick out darling daughter's outfit...she's got a lot goin' on!)

Darling & I decided to eat a donut at 11:45 PM, so we could start our healthy eating the NEXT day ☺ The Mister & I had a glass of our Chocolate Raspberry wine & called it a night.

Look how excited she is- it's 12:14 & she's going strong!  I was REALLY worried that the next day was going to be a whine-fest, but she woke up early & in a GREAT mood!  To be on the safe side I made sure she was in bed EVERY night after that BY 8!!

Ok, so it wasn't exciting, but that's what we did...  Anyone out there do anything really fun? exciting? something you wouldn't want your mom to know??? DO TELL!  Resolutions?  Do you do them?  I've never been one to make any, but this year the 3 of us came up with 2 or 3 each, I typed them on the computer, printed them out & put them on the fridge.  The one I came up with that I am the most serious about is: WORKING my etsy store!!  I've been in my studio a ton this weekend thinking about what I like, why I like it & what I want my store to be.  I'm going to be revamping it this week... 
I'm really excited about what I have made so far & am really going to put some REAL effort into making chinamommy a success.
I went to a dentist a few years back who told me he didn't let his kids say "I'll try", he said they needed to DO it, not give themself an out by saying they'd just try... I like that!
Well, here's to 2010- CHEERS!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

I LOVE the pic of your daughter and husband curled up in the chair! That is soooooo sweet. I also love the pic of you and your daughter look so happy and you both are just the cutest!

Happy New Year!


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