Friday, January 15, 2010

*NEW ARTWORK* on etsy Friday!

This week has FLOWN by for me... I woke up & couldn't believe it was Friday!
To show you I REALLY have been busy, here are some goods that will be in my etsy store soon:
(I say "soon" & yet, I couldn't even get online yesterday...Grrrr!)
Here are some of my "Cutie~Cupcakes" in their vintage tins:
Cupcake in Red & Turquoise:

My friend, motherof5,  was kind enough to let me know that Pantone has declared TURQUOISE the color of the YEAR for 2010!!
Yippee for TURQUOISE! (& don't you know this blog doesn't have a decent turquoise!)

& then some paintings...
I haven't painted in years & am still trying to "find myself".  I was tramatized in art school by my crappy Prof. (you know who you are KH!).  This week I learned a guy that was in my painting & drawing class died of a heart attack.  We knew each other, but I wouldn't say we were friends- just the kind of guy that was in class with you & you said "HI" to when  you saw him on campus.  I do have 1 very fond memory of him... We were in a drawing class, which REALLY wasn't my thing & our crappy Prof came over to my project & YELLED "you're kidding, right?".  He then went on to belittle me in front of the class- NICE hun?  Especially when my parents were paying BIG $ for me to go to that college!  After class Jon came up to me & said how sorry he was & if KH would have yelled at him like that, he would have cried.  He was proud of me for keeping a stiff upper lip.  A real nice guy that leaves behind a wife & 3 young kids...
Anyway, here are a couple of painted items:

a little clipboard that can be used as a piece of art, or you could clip a picture or note to it!

Here's some homework for you: i have GOT to get this great room painted & I am so stuck on what color to paint!  I know, I know... turquoise!  I think this room a little TOO big to do all turquoise, it's my kitchen, dining area, & living room with NO breaks, it has to be ALL the same color!  It's off my yellow entry way... I like electic cottage & am NOT afraid of color.  Any ideas?  Any good design links?
Thanks dolls!
Have a GREAT weekend
 & share the love- send my blog onto a friend!

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