Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm on a jelly roll....

Well, don't ya know... I'm on a roll photographing all my artwork and jewelry and then, the sun crawls behind a rain cloud and I'm stuck!  I went back and looked at some of my old pictures and boy oh boy, the inside shots are REALLY bad!!  I didn't even have green tomatoes back!
Here's what I listed on etsy today:

My Button stacker pendants and rings are UNDER $10 and that INCLUDES 
They're a deal, tell a friend!!
To get right to my shop(chinamommy), just click on my etsy link above... easy-peasy!
My papercutsarecute store is running way low... but I did just realist this:

My darling girl and I are off to see the new movie
Ramona and Beezus.
I loved these books as a kid!!

I hope to pass on my love for all things Beverly Cleary to my daughter.  Now that she's reading I'm finding it so fun to re-read the books I loved as a child with her!
Have a FABULOUS weekend!!


Sherry said...

I loved the Ramona books as a child too and can't wait to see the movie!! Enjoy the time with your little one.

And your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL!

Little Miss Crafty said...

Wasn't there a kids tv programme called Ramona ? if that's the same thing I loved that as a kid...I am re photographing all my Etsy pics this weekend maybe I should use vegetables as a fun backdrop :D thanks for guiding 'cowbiscuits' to my blog xx

Amber Zimmerman said...

Hey girl! I seriously loove those button rings! My girlie and I went to see that movie the other night, but it wasn't out yet. :( Instead we got pedi's and bought the book from Barnes and Nobles. I stopped into Firefly today and hoped I'd get to meet your brother so we could chat about the lovely Misschell, but he wasn't working. I'll have to stop in again soon. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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