Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Other artists who inspire the socks offa me!

I definitely have been needing some inspiration lately and this is just a Teeny-tiny-tiny-tiny bit that's out there! So many wonderfully creative gals livin' their dream!
Her blog is above and OH MY-get ready for some eye candy!!
Heidi Kenney
(don't you want to move in?)
and this mermaid?!
haha- who loves this toilet?!
and these girl/houses?  I think these are my faves!
Whimsical is right up my ally!
And then who can leave out this girl that makes embroidery COOL!!
Jenny Hart at
Check out her patterns and see for yourself, this isn't just for Grandma anymore!

julie west

lisa petrucci

monsters and zombies

the Black Apple
and speaking of The Black Apple...
If you don't know of THIS girl, Emily Martin, you just might live in an art-free zone and I'm so very sorry!
Go check her blog for all kinds of good goodness!
Her new "Midway" series is just gorgeous!
Her original artwork jewelry!
You better have QUICK fingers to snag ANY of this in her etsy store!
and even quicker fingers to grab one of these dolls!
and soon you'll be able to grab one of these books (check amazon, or better yet, check Emily's blog for more info!)
Like I said, this is only a tiny snip-it of all the whimsical wonderfulness out there!
I just got a new book that I'm hoping with get me hoppin' down the right path.
I'll share that later...
Have a WONDERFUL day!!
It's sunny here and I'm going to go soak it up 
(well, kind of... I wear my facial 100SPF EVERYDAY!)
and don't forget...
a little plug about my BABY HAT DRIVE 
As most of you know, my daughter was adopted from China and I left a little piece of my heart there.  I'm collecting hats to keep the children and babies warm in the winter.  Many live in orphanages that are without heat.
1. make a baby hat, toddler hat, or kid sized hat (you can take the non-crafty way out and buy one if you must)
2. email me at: chinamommy_04@yahoo.com for my address.
3. I'll take care of shipping them to CHINA next fall.
any questions- please feel free to email me!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Ooooooooo, this is lots of eyecandy!

Hope you had a wonderful 4th!


Amber Zimmerman said...

Oh my werrrd! I love that first one. . .I'm going to check her out for sure. These are all great. I love the sublime stitching. I have a few of their patterns, but have never gotten bold enough to start on them. Some day!

viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

Hi girlfriend! These artists are fun and I can see how the'd be right up your alley! You can take your socks off- but please keep other parts covered!

viewsbychris.blogspot.com said...

Did I mention that I can't type? They'd be right up your alley- The-yyyyy----d!

Angela said...

OMG!! I love the terrariums! That is the cutest thing ever! I have that Sublime Stitching Black Apple set but I haven't had a chance to work on it...maybe if things slow down in the fall...

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll
eeekkk these are all so cute.
iu love the mermaid.
hope all is well

chinamommy said...

why does that person keep leaving messages in Chinese? Is it because my daughter was born there? How do I let her know we don't speak it here let alone read it..... sigh.....

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