Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whats up with the stache?

I like to think this hunk-a-hunk of burnin' love started the trend...
Let's all just take a moment and enjoy the heat...
Ok, lets take a lookie-look:
cool off with the mustache snow globe
and make your own with the finger stache kit

get ready to party with the
Party Stache!!

a Moustache bandage?... I feel better already!
What EVERY bathroom mirror needs!!
Sooooo manly!!
keyring, it's fuzzy!

and after you get your keyring get ready to pimp out your car...

you know you want one!!
and even though I've shared this little guy before, I had to bring him back for this special
mustache segment!
So thank you Tom Selleck for all your hairy lip goodness!
and do you know... the Mister and I went junkin' this weekend and saw the original 1985 Playgirl featuring Mr. Bachelor in Paradise himself: TOM SELLECK and we didn't grab it!!!  I'm pretty sure the Mister went back on the sly and got it for me... 
Christmas is coming!

(all the mustachey goodness (minus Tom Selleck) is from Urban Outfitters)

1 comment: said...

Man- is he a good looking piece of yummy goodness or what?

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