Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nice Mug...

I saw some gals on blogs were posting their favorite mug...
I kinda have 3.
#1 just cute.  Classic Pooh, so much better than new Pooh if you ask me.
TJ Maxx find years ago.
Perfect size, kinda short and fat.
But then there's this mug, given by a great friend during a....errr.... "bump in my road", shall we say?
I'm happy to say it all panned out: the PSYCHO jerk is G-O-N-E and my new career as a trophy wife is working out for me!
Also just the right size for 1 cup of coffee... who says size doesn't matter?
Then of course, the BEST mug of all...
A mug painted by my daughter.  Painted in my favorite color pink and painted brown on the inside so it always "looks full of coffee".
A giant mug, perfect if you don't have much time and want your coffee to cool down in a hurry!  The best "we gotta hurry and get out the door" mug!
Darling and I are headed down to the art room to make a 4th of July craft....  Check back tomorrow for the viewing.... No, really, if I don't show finish it today it will just be too late!  Not that thats stopped me before!
Happy Thursday!


Angela said...

How smart of Darling to paint the mug so the cup is always full!

Melanie said...

I agree with Angela, I love how she made the inside brown! What a smart kid, even if she does love the dentist! I have only had one cup of coffee in the last week because of my illness that has left my stomach irked, and your post made me miss it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinamommy!
Found your blog on the bloghopping at my blog.
I am so happy to finally meet you.
I am smiling at your blog, it is so cherry and then we have the china cups.. I am a 'chocolate' lover and thought the bottom cup had chocolate in it! silly me..
lol.. So cute of you two working together.. hugs, Darlene

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..

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