Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

Seriously, it's Friday already?  Well, let's get moving, I've got stuff to do! (not really, but I like to sound important!).
1. Last night I made this for supper:  green peas, green rice, chicken with green sauce, green milk- YUMMY!  I skipped the chicken, chicken kinda grosses me out...
 You know I don't post a ton of my darling girl, but, seriously... is she the most delicious little thing or what? LOVE that sweet face! (and such a sweet little girl too!).
2. Michigan kids get pretty desperate for SPRING!!  The last snow bank in our muddy yard.  It was 50 out Wednesday, that's a heat wave in March!!  Don't worry, it didn't trick us, we know spring isn't REALLY here!

3. See how thin this book is?  Gee, I wonder why?

4. Yesterday a friend and I went "junkin" (more on that later).  I use to work at a Carpet shop (oh gosh, don't even get me started on that personal hell...), anyway, it's now a mission store so we stopped in and everything was 1/2 off, too bad there wasn't very much good stuff.  This is the bathroom
Yes, I took the picture while sitting on the toilet, I'm classy like that!  I put the picture on my old bosses facebook because we remodeled the bathroom while I worked there and I wanted to see if he remembered it.  FYI: they had 2 DIRTY bars of soap and NO hand towels in there, Ewwwww!
I don't know what that blue thing (in the mirror reflection) is for, it was a piece of painters tape just hangin' off  a piece of poster board stuck on the wall-FANCY!

5.  This was the GREAT find of the day, I had to wrestle it away from my friend, Cheeky Green!
Do I even need to say more about this album?  Remember when we didn't have to be all politically correct?  Don't worry, chinamommy still isn't!

6.  I found this too, a Japanese pose doll with cankles!  Someone please tell me she's worth $1,500!
She'll be in the shop soon!  I got the album and the doll at the same shop plus some other gold frames (that until I do my magic are pretty ugly/creepy).  The guy checking us out said "boy, that's kind of a creepy assortment you've got there!"  Haha, they usually don't make any comment about your purchases!  I think he was intrigued!  I should have given him a business card!

7.  I'm gonna nerd out all weekend and scrapbook with my friends!  On my training schedule (for the 10K I'm doing in May) it says I'm suppose to run 9 miles Saturday...Oops!

8. I've found a new friend now that I've (reluctantly) given up my coconut creamer (insert sad face)
Vanilla Coconut Milk! Mmmmm!
Who needs 2 personal coffee makers?!
Who can't get enough of herself?  Who's keepin' it real with NO make up?  Yes, those ARE designer bags under my eyes, thanks for asking! and lastly...who needs some prescription strength lotion for her HANDS!!  Can you say "Crypt Keeper?"

9. I ran 4.4 miles today.  Yeah, I pretty much rock!
Cause I know you wanna know:
hat: BULA (LOVE it!)
Orange shirt: Nike (TJ Maxx)
Running bra: Champion (Target) 'cause we don't want those size "A's" floppin around!
Pink vest/Black running pants: Champion (Target) 
Shoes: Nike
Action shot, or Statue of Liberty Wanna-Be? You decide!
 The Mister says "So what do you do, just go around taking pictures of yourself?  Yeah, pretty much Mister!  Hey, maybe I'll close my  mouth next time, but since I just got done with 9 billion $$'s worth of dental work, I like to show off!
(If you're into crazy self portraits, check out my crazy pal here: shewearscrazywell.blogspot She's so funny and the sweetest girl under the sun!)
~anyone want to suggest a NEW, NON-venetian plaster color for my front entry??~
and even though I should have saved the Singing Midget for the grand finale, I didn't...
Coming soon to chinamommy on etsy
No, not Mister Glory Hound.... the jewelry frame!
Note the chicken WIRE!  Yep, the same chicken wire that when requested last week (by txting my Mister), got me this
Hey, don't ask... I'm not sure I understand either!
Ok, I'm off like a prom know, to do that important stuff I've got to do (AKA: spray paint stuff!  Let me tell you, it's not as easy as those city kids "tagging" buildings make it look!)
**also: ALL jewelry in my etsy shop is 1/2, YES, HALF off!!**


Angela said...

Okay, where should I start??

1. LOVE the green dinner - I bet Darling got a kick out of that!!

2. The midget album - too funny...who in the world would make an album like that?? Poor little guy.

3. Love orange and pink together :)

4. I think you worked at the rug place about the same time I worked at the kitchen place - when Corian was the HOT thing!

5. Doll with cankles?? LOL!

Angela said...

Oh and I am so dumb - forgot the most important thing-- LOVE the frame jewelry holder!! It is fantastic!!

Janna Lynn said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the shout out! :) I totally love the jewelry holder! Your store sure is gonna be selling the best stuff on earth! Since I'll be selling handmade clothes, we totally should work the Michigan craft fair circuit and share a table! :) Oh...I love the green food too! Your little girl is so adorable...she is gonna be quite the knock out when she is older...its a good thing your so fit! On that note...I think you look awesome without makeup and in your workout clothes!! Rock on, CM...your doing amazing with your running, very impressive! Have a great weekend! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Lanyardlady said...

This post has left me breathless, as has the thought of a singing midget. Hope your finds are worth gazillions!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

I read this last night, but had fifty people on the couch with me so I didn't comment, but you had my boys dying laughing over the green dinner and now they have asked me to make it and not for St. Patrick's day either-more so as a Sunday lunch-What the "beep?"

-They're just weird boys-I guess!LOL!

Loved the singing midget non-politically correctness, too!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This was such a cute post! It is always so much fun to read your blog!!

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

OOOH- do those cans of chicken mean you are making me some of that really good chicken salad of yours????

Is that really the vanity of the bathroom where I took my second pregnacy test and yelled through the door that it was positive? I'll have to steal that pic for memories sake!

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