Friday, March 25, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. I went shopping yesterday, it was a success-I don't often say that.  If I were 7 inches taller it would do a world of help, I am not holding my breath...
 Dear Macy's thank you for takin' a chunk-a-change from me!
I use to shop at Macy's when it was Hudsons, I don't know why I hadn't been back, but I will, and that is a promise!

2. I got this jacket in grey, but...they have to ship my size from NYC!  
(Macy's would not allow me to take the bigger picture from their site, but this is the actual size of the jacket i ordered.)
I had the exact same thing happen with a sweater at Christmas.  Whoever that little woman in my city is, she has EXCELLANT taste and keeps stealin' my size!

3. Do you ever get something that is totally NOT you?  You see it, you think "why not?", take it in the dressing room and yell "Fashizzel" and you gotsta, gotsta have it?  Well that happened with this:
I know, I looks a little like your Grandma's scarf, but I'm telling you, it's cute on! I wouldn't have believed it either.


5. Watch out Charlie Sheen's Goddesses! 
I <3 this dress!  
(and it's NOT as peachy as it appears in the picture)
and... there is a gem missing under my right arm so I got 15% off AND my shopping pal, BRAT (Beautiful Rich and Thin mom of 3) had Macy's coupons!! $41 for this dress, not bad, hun?!

6.   Size 5?!?!?!!!!! 
Aldo, I now know YOU are my real friend, but if you ever get rid of size 5 shoes i'll punch you in the face.  Oh yes, the joys of having tiny bound Chinese feet... Do you know that even my boyfriend Target is starting their sizes at a 5-1/2?  Shameful Target, shameful!!!

7. We will be spending our Saturday afternoon at the school Carnival...
Darling is soooooooo excited, The Mister and I...well, let's just say we're going to enjoy every minute of her youth, cause it's not gonna last for long :(
I know...this picture is GOOD! Can you believe I took it?!  See how it's all in focus, but blurry in the background?!  Oh, who thinks she's giving Ansel Adams a run for his $$?
This is for sale in my 2nd etsy shop here:

9. This photo is beyond disappointing after the ticket photo I realize, but I have GOT to get in the shower! I ran this morning (4.71 miles, thank you!) and I'm starting to smell myself...
This is the stack of pages I've got "done" during my recent scrapbooking frenzy!  Ok, I say "done" because my one friend (Scrappy Hitler) says they aren't done because I didn't put a title or journaling on each page.  I say I've got 8 photo boxes FULL and if I just get 'em on paper I'm calling them DONE!

Peeps in the HOUSE 'yo!
Smell ya later cats, have a GREAT weekend!!!
OH, bonus randomness, go check my pal's blog for a GREAT giveaway!!
This girl is gonna crack you up!!


Lanyardlady said...

Enjoy your weekend -- maybe you can where that dress to the carnival! Love it!

Janna Lynn said...

Wow you got some good buys! My mom wears the same shoe size as you...its always a battle for her to find cute shoes too. Have fun at the carnival, have a great weekend...and don't forget to stop by and enter my giveaway! Ha ha! Hearts, Janna Lynn

chinamommy said...

LL: i don't think that dress would be too much for a rural farming community school carnival- glad YOU agree!! :)
JL: maybe i'm your long lost sister, your mom and I obviously are related!! Entered your giveaway and posted it at the bottom of this post!! xoxo

BundlesofBlossoms said...

That dress is FABULOUS!!!!! I love a great shopping day!

Angela said...

I love every single thing you bought - even the floral shirt -- I totally see its potential! You are going to be queen of the cruise ship!!!

Tina said...

Great finds..adorable clothes! Love the dress too! Size 5 shoe? I don't think I've ever been that small or worn a size 5..ok well, maybe when I was 5 yrs old.
Enjoy the carnival..I miss those days!

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