Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Friday...

1. This is my backyard this morning
the picture is pretty bad, it's on super-duper zoom, but those are 5 deer in my backyard!  Yesterday 6 doe's ran down our drive! Theodore wanted to go show them who was boss..

2. It's 32 here, it's like a March heat-wave here in Michigan.  Did I mention it's raining also... and that my running partner just called and asked if it was ok if we skipped today.  BEST running partner EVER!

3. Cadbury eggs... love 'em or hate 'em?  

I happen to be in the 1st group... LOVE THEM (but only 1 at a time, they are sweet overload!!!)!  And at this fabulous website called "Instructables" they have a recipe to make your OWN! SHUT UP!  She even says it's easy!!
Check out this site to learn how to make EVERYTHING!

4. Are these the UGLIEST boots ever?  
No, they are not mine, nor will I be seen with the owner while he's wearing them.
Of course he wears them while ice fishing and you all know, chinamommy doesn't do sitting out in the cold on ice!

5. I am VERY confused by the show "My Life as Liz", is it a real show or is it a show that is pretending to be a reality show?  I know, if I have to ask I'm too old to be watching it and I am!  Plus it's on Mtv and didn't Mtv use to have music video's on it and do they even make "video's" anymore?  I have it on this channel because the local news girls are on and they make me want to put my head in an oven...

6. I'm going to let you in on the beginning of my slow decent into spray paint collecting
Don't worry, you won't catch me writing "chinamommy" on the side of trains, but you may see some repurposed items soon!

7. I found a couple of vintage children's books at the Salvation Army yesterday.
they are full of really cute illustrations!!

8. I spent yesterday at:
Hobby Lobby
Salvation Army
Goodwill, can you say GREAT day?!
Craft supplies at goodwill....for .99!
and if you could see the shelves of stamps that I already own, you would probably slap me on the back of the head.  OR, if you're also an artsy fartsy, you'd try to high-5 me, but remember, I just SHAKE!

9. Is this the life or WHAT?

10.  Speaking of "the life": Cashmere undies on etsy!
 get them here: sartoria
Have a great weekend! We're headed to a fish fry tonight with friends, which was insure an evening of IBS...
Saturday the Mister will put on those horrid white boots and I'm headed to a scrapbooking store with friends to spend the day working on the 9.2 billion photos of Darling I have!
Hope you have something fun planned!!


LeeLu Creations said...

LOVE Cadbury eggs! It's a good thing they are only out at Easter time.

Theodore is so cute!

The Goodwill here has gotten a little too big for their britches, if you know what I mean. Used to get stuff there super cheap but since now it's cool to repurpose and what not they have ridiculously upped their prices-kinda like gas, lol. And I'm not sure if they don't know or if they are trying to be slick, but they will put $2 on an item that came from the Dollar Tree. I am a DT connoiseur so they can't trick me.

Janna Lynn said...

Wow...great post! I love it all...awesome backyard deer (much better than the in the road deer you meet over here in Eaton Rapids), awesome goodwill scores, awesome spray paints (can't wait to see what you do with those), awesome cadbury eggs! Love it! Stay dry and warm! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Funny in My Mind said...

I am gonna say no to the eggs, hate things that goosh in my mouth (that's what SHE said) and chocolate covered cherries, small tomatoes are included.
It was 70 degrees here today, now it supposed to rain and maybe snow this weekend.
I have never been to a Goodwill, I should branch out a bit.

Lanyardlady said...

Love Cadbury eggs (the crunchy kind, not the ooey-gooey kind) and love deer in the yard (the cute kind, not the we're-gonna-eat-your hosta kind.) Do you think cashmere undies would be scratchy? I don't own any cashmere so I wouldn't know. Stacey and Clinton love it though.

Angela said...

Oh I missed this post yesterday! I LOVE Cadbury eggs and you know I am going to try that recipe! ...and if I didn't think we were the exact same person before the fish fry/ IBS comment confirmed it! CUTE stamps!!

Melanie said...

Love those books! Jealous! I bought a few before I ever had kids, and they still sit on their shelf. Big asked to read them once and I almost cried for several reasons. Then I said 'no'.

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