Friday, April 1, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. Did this week fly like a Rocket Ship to Mars, or WHAT?  I swear every single day I was running to the mall, running to the dentist, running to the school, just running... Every night I would think: I should sit down and blog and get ready to be gone a week, but NO... it just never happened.  I don't often have crazy busy weeks so I was a little out of sorts.

2. Found 2 pair of shoes yesterday, the Nike's are size 6, i wear a 5.  (A young girl saw these and kept yelling "Mom, Mom, I found shoes that look just like pants, they look just like PANTS!"... OK, they're like sweat pant material, but I was like "SHUT UP and use your inside voice kid!!".) 
 and the sandal's are a size 3 kids...

3. Darling is growing her hair out for Locks of Love.  She HATES to have her hair brushed, we'll see if we can make it that long or maybe they'll just have to cut a 9 inch snarl out of the back of her head.  Anyone else ever done this?  I recently heard a little bit of bad press regarding L of L... any opinions?  Is there someone better to donate to?

4. I wanted a maxi dress for the beach party our cruise group is having for us (Did I mention Clint Black is doing a PRIVATE party/concert for just the 711 of us in our group?!?! I have NO idea what he sings... but still, it's going to be FABULOUS!).  Maxi dresses are NOT for those of us under 5' tall...
Yeah, the dog is like "Yikes, she's got Tigers blood" and it's nice and blurry because Darling said she was shaky cause she hadn't had breakfast.  And yes, I'm wearing this over my PJ's cause I'm fancy and just woke up!
See the footprint on my dress?  When I was leaving the dressing room I walked right up on this dress TWICE and almost wiped out...NICE!  and yes, someone did see me do it!  I'm off to see if my alternation guy can shorten it by tomorrow, who is he gonna love, and possibly over-charge?! (It's really black, it looks navy on my computer...)

5. Yesterday was a Young Authors event at Darlings school for 2nd graders.  This is her research book (RESEARCH books in 2nd grade?! Wow, I was so impressed!!)
Want to know about Hamsters?...
I mean...AWESOME Hamsters!

6. Well, after a whole YEAR of dental work...
I AM done!!!
Don't even ask what this mouth is worth!!
Braces, whitening, a dental implant...
I know it looks like my teeth lean to the left, it's the camera angle, I promise!!
and the ruffle around my neck, you ask?....
I KNOW!! I LOVE it!  This is the one NYC had to ship me.  PS: someone please give me a suggested wall color, that yellow ventian plastic mess is making me puke!!!!

7.  I made another square for my quilt this week.  I haven't crocheted in forever and now summer is coming and I usually crochet even less, so who knows when this quilt will ever get done.  Then, to make matters worse I used a bigger crochet hook and duh...
they aren't the same size.  Any good ideas what to do with a single granny square?

8.  Be careful going down a hill on a plasma car wearing your (kinda new-at Christmas) jammies

9. I am searching for my favorite Keurig far, it is NOT the Green Mountain. one.  Do you have a favorite??  Newman's Own is in the lead...

 10. We fly out of Chicago tomorrow night, don't try to break into my house, we have house sitters and anything of real value is on my body (my wedding ring and teeth).  This is my flight suit, but it's missing one thing, yes, pants!! OK, it's missing 2 things: pants and my XANEX!!!  I'm having a mini panic attack right now because I'm not positive where it is (the Xanex, not the pants).  I think I'm more afraid I'll be afraid (I don't fly that well...) so I DO NOT fly without my meds!!!
Last year when we went on the cruise I was so good and pre-set blog posts.  I just didn't this year, so take a weeks break and come back to hear all about my adventures, 'cause you know it will happen!!
I'll miss you....XOXO!


BundlesofBlossoms said...

Have a super fun trip! Your teeth look fabulous, doll!

I am green with envy that your group gets to hear Clint Black. Have fun on the cruise and can't wait to see the pics. I live vicariously through your trips, ya know-LOL!

Lanyardlady said...

Have a great time; hope it's warm and full of drinks with little umbrellas in them. Lots of sunlight to flash off those gorgeous teeth!

Funny in My Mind said...

The shoes are cute- both pair
I am growing my hair out too, I hate it but everyone else loves it. Am I a people pleaser?
I got a maxi dress for Hawaii and had to dry it on hot to shrink it. It was a jersey material.
I know all about hamsters. If the kids don't take care of them, they eat each other and die. Yay.
Teeth look great!
How about a nice taupe on the wall?
My favorite Keurig is the Caribou. The Newman's extra Bold is good too.
The quilt square can be a coaster.
Get the Xanax and have a fabulous time!!
I want to know what ship/line you are using. We are thinking about a cruise. You can email me.

Lisa @thebeadgirl said...

you just crack me up!!!

Angela said...

I love the hamster book! SO sweet!! My favorite part - "talk to them softly" -- oh weeee so cute!!

I hope you are having a blast with your pretty smile and fantastic wardrobe!

PennI said...

Hello Blossom!
I hope that you have the "BEST TIME EVER" on your trip Darl! Your gorgeous smile will just light up the room!


Penni x

Renee said...

Have a great time.

I love the clothes shoes.

I know Clint Black sings country but no clue the name of anything. Didn't he marry a blonde actress?

The hamster book is adorable.

I know people who have donated their hair to locks of love but haven't heard anything bad about them.

Hope you found the Xanax

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