Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother Nature is on my hit list!!

This is what I woke up to...NO, I am not kidding and YES, it IS April 18th....
Remember my bragging last week?  We had green grass 
and flowers poking through last years ratty mulch
Mother Nature: why you so mean??
Yesterday (during the holy day of REST) the Mister and I repainted our entire Great Room...We got rid of the horrible DARK green that made our home look like a cave all winter!!
At least someone was obeying that rest commandment!
We still have a LOT of work to do in this room, but here's a sneak peek 
Happy Monday, hope it's snow-free where you are!


Funny in My Mind said...

yes, it is snow-free and 75. Tomorrow even nicer (I work all day) and Wednesday will be the best day this week (work again) but Thursday on my day off???? high 60 and rain.

Angela said...

Snow? It is a little chilly here so I guess that is not such a stretch -- but I am sorry because I know you hate it and are tired of it --I think I would even be tired of it by now!

Lanyardlady said...

You say it's mo snow, we say tornado...or something like that. At least your newly painted room will be bright and cheerful. Get your swimsuit ready. July is just three months away!

Melanie said...

I just love that you put a boy dog in a pink collar. Enough said. Oh, and I love snow.

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