Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The LOVE Boat...where's Gopher?

Remember that show? Didn't you love it?  There REALLY is a lido deck, it always cracks me up when they mention something happening on the Lido Deck.
I wouldn't really compare our ship to the Love Boat...although,  there was a "Singles Seeking Healthy Relationship" group on the boat.  Yes, I did spy in on one of their meetings, but No, I didn't think it appropriate to ask for photos of their group. I know me thinking something was inappropriate doesn't happen often, so sit back and enjoy my moment of classiness!! 
Let's hit the highlights of our trip:
1st up- Me being a goofball (Southbeach in the background, or as I like to call it "the life I was meant to have").  Let me tell you it was WINDY this year.  I went back here and ran on the track one night.  When I ran up the right side it was ALL I could do to put 1 foot in front of the other, but when I got on the back side it was like someone put rocket fuel in my pants! The wind blew so hard I ran like I've never run before, I should have had the Mister take some video.
 Our room with balcony- if you ever go, GET THE BALCONY!  I ❤ to sit out there, drink coffee and listen to the ocean!!  I ❤❤❤ the water!!
kind of a sexy pose for a towel animal, don't ya think?...
 Deep fried rat?  
Nope, just a stuffed pepper.
1st stop: Grand Turk
Speedo, yes! and you are WELCOME!
2nd stop: a private island owned by Carnival Cruise lines...
Half Moon Cay.
I can't even begin to tell you how GORGEOUS it was! Pure white sand that was like baby powder, the most neon turquoise blue water I've ever seen...absolute paradise!  There weren't even shells in the water or on the beach, it was like sugar baby!!
If you get the chance to go, take it!!
The last place we went Nassau. I took several pictures but the files are huge and I don't know how to re size them for my blog...shocking, I know!  This is already so photo heavy I hope it didn't blow a nut on your computer or anything!
Last photos, taken just for you...
The man who sat next to me at karaoke, he, obviously, was in love with his own foot- he couldn't keep his hands off it!!
A sign as we were headed to the airport and by sign, I mean "a sign"...
 2 people obviously 
a: begging to show up on chinamommy, 
b: exhausted from resting all week!
 The sun is out here in Michigan, I gotta hurry and get outside before it starts to snow!


Shewearscrazywell said...

You do know you won my giveaway right :)! I'll be whipping up what you wanted on the post very soon. :) Hearts, Janna lynn

LuLu Kellogg said...

ROFL at the Speedo....I call them either Grape Smugglers or Bananna Hammocks! *snort*


Funny in My Mind said...

"rocket fuel in my pants", that's what SHE said!
There are tons of boats out there, dangerous!
Balcony room? check
I thought deep fried rat for sure.
Why's the pepper got a tail? hmmmm
Was it a man-made beach like Waikiki? That is why there were no shells on Waikiki, cause they haul the sand in.
Beautiful, amazing photos.
I don't know how you got that pic of me and my husband sleeping in the airport, that is just cruel, we were tired as hell.

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Those last two people were just plain ol' tuckered out! Did you go dancing with them on the lido deck the night before or something? LOL!

Glad you're trip was so fun!!!!!

chinamommy said...

grape smugglers....LOL!!!!!
I don't know if it was a man made beach...maybe! and i think the pepper's tail is called a stem! ha!

Melanie said...

Now, if you could combine that last pic with the one of the Speedo you would have to win some type of award! That is some sexy airport footage. I'm sorry that you had to feel so small and futile in comparison.

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