Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. Ok, this CRACKS ME UP! How cute is this??  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!
Go get yourself one at this shop on etsy: icehousecrafts  She has all kinds of other signs too-you know, just in case you haven't found Jesus, don't love your vacuum, didn't give at the office, or don't have kids selling crap!

2. I have a problem... I'm in love with a Porkie.  
I usually don't order food with embarrassing names, for example:
The Cinnamini at Burger King
The BIG Wally at Penguin Point
The Porkie from Logan's
What self respecting woman can say "I'd like the BIG Wally"?... I  mean, not a nice girl like me anyway!
(I was going to take a picture of one, but I couldn't get the camera fast enough)
This Porkie from Logan's has got me all turned upside down.   My love of the Porkie is something new to me... 1st up: the name, 2nd up: it's Pork, thirdly: the fact that I do NOT use love and food in the same sentence...ever!  You get 3 of these little sandwiches, 3 little rolls filled with porky goodness.  Pulled BBQ pork, a pickle slice and a plop of coleslaw on a sweet little roll... And to tell the whole story, I must add the fact that EVERY time I eat these I am an IBS-Mess... They tear me UP!  I won't let myself believe that a bit of pork, a pickle and some slaw can do this to me, I won't ALLOW it, so I will continue to oink, oink out on them every single time I go to Logan's!!

3. My hand looks giant in that picture, like the hands on the cover of the new Tina Fey book...

4. Ever wonder where mean blog comments go?  I mean, they certainly do NOT go to Heaven!  Well, I have the answer, I found out where they end up and you need to go there and get your LOLing on!
my favorite hate mail
Have you ever had mean comments on your blog?  I feel lucky that I never have (now, please don't leave me one just so I don't feel left out!), and am constantly amazed at how MEAN some people can be.
Why can't we all just get along??  The t-shirt is true: mean people suck!

5. When I mentioned to Darling this morning that some people were up at 4 AM to watch the Royal Wedding, she said:
"Why?  It's just 1 little thing that's happening in the World!"
I wrote it down so I can add it to her book that I keep.  That girl is NOT easy to impress.

6. Yesterday was the first time I've run in 2 weeks thanks to my rotten IT band that is giving me fits. 
I felt fine while I ran, but later was limping around like a 90 year old! You know the Bejamin Franklin quote "Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy"?  My friend Chris would like to add this quote "Pain is constant proof that God loves us and does not want us to exercise".  I'm a little worried about the 10K I am suppose to run in on May 14th...we'll see!

7. Mick has nothin' on me!

8.  Since getting this book at Christmas, the Mister has lost over 17 lbs and sleeps like a baby!!
Start keeping track of how much sugar you eat a day, and you'll be SHOCKED!!
Speaking of, I need to eat all the Easter candy quickly so it will just be GONE!!

9. I want my dining room table to look like this, JUST like this:
found here: all things thrifty

10.  I have such a heart for adoption.  I always knew I wanted to adopt and have been beyond blessed by this choice.  Even though she's going to kill us with future dental bills and eyebrow waxing!! Oh, she would die if she knew I just said that, don't tell her- OK?!
I just heard about this group this morning on the radio and encourage everyone to check it out.  There are over 4,000 kids in my state alone waiting for adoption... 4,000!!!!!  Can you imagine the impact we could make on this number if more people would see adoption as an option?  International, domestic, babies, toddlers, and teens, they all need a family!!  I encourage you to check this site and then pray about it.  Please consider adding the link to your blog or facebook!
Have a GREAT weekend!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I came for my dose of hilarity! You truly crack me up!

Ohhhhh yes, I have had mean comments before. Yes, I am a Halloween freak and I LOVE LOVE LOVE altering those plastic baby heads and having all sorts of other odd things in my studio. I have had nasty messages calling me a witch, a baby hater and also a devil worshiper...I truly LOVE comment moderation :) Off to alter some more baby heads!!!


Lulu Grey said...

I agree - your posts are so fun to read. I also LOVE the fact you are such an advocate of adoption. I am an adopted child and it is so nice to see adopt being spoken about in such a positive light.

An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Oh my gosh! Two LuLU's! Lulu #1 you go right ahead and keep altering those scary plastic baby heads. I mean really- its not like they were made in a sanctuary and dipped in holy water! Anyhow- I updated windows on this computer and now it likes your blog! So when I can kick the kids off webkinz world I can come visit:)

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

4,000 kids waiting to be adopted? thats kinda sad!!! i love all your cute photos.... especially the chairs. I've had some nasty comments - i ignore and delete!!! i can't believe peple do that. have a great weekend xxx

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hey Cuteness! You won my Giveaway so email me at and send me all your info so I can mail your cuppiecakes to you!


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