Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clint Black has a crush on me and other breaking news...

Yes, that's right, Clint Black has a crush on me....but first let's back it up a bit.
Friday night I got around to packing, we didn't leave till Saturday around 11:30 AM but I was being all organized and responsible for some weird reason!  On Saturday we met our friend, who was also going on the cruise, and headed to Chicago to catch our flight.  Now those of you who have been reading for a while know I am no fan of flying 
(green is the actual color of my face during flight, there is no color correction going on here!)
so I had my bottle of xanex strapped to my thigh and was ready to go.  As we're on the road I check twitter and have a message from someone saying "I hope you aren't flying Southwest."  I yell up to the Mister "Hey, who are we flying with", he replies "Southwest, why?".  Apparently Southwest was having a little problem keeping the roof on it's planes...too bad I didn't pack my glue gun!

Southwest Airlines Responds to Loss of Pressurization Event 
on Flight From Phoenix to Sacramento

DALLAS, April 1, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --
Southwest Airlines Flight 812, the scheduled 3:25 pm 
departure from 
Phoenix to Sacramento today, diverted to Yuma, Ariz 
due to loss of 
pressurization in the cabin. Upon safely landing in Yuma
the flight crew 
discovered a hole in the top of the aircraft. 
So anyway, we get to Midway in Chicago (we were one of the ONLY flights to leave on time!), get through security, grab some pizza and I wait for the xanex to kick in!  It's just a cattle call to get on the plane.  I grabbed a seat next to 2 cutie girls that had no idea what they were in for:
the chinamommy show!
I know you'll be shocked but I chatted these 2 girls up the whole way to FL and before we knew it, we were on the ground and the roof was still on the plane!!!
If you girls are reading "hey!!"
We didn't get into Ft. Lauderdale until late Saturday, so we grabbed our swag bags and then headed to our room. {I really stunk at taking play-by-play pictures this year.}  We had a beautiful room at the Westin but... on the bathroom was a sliding shutter door (think Japanese style) and a window to the bedroom with shutters on it.  Ummmm, who can poop when you KNOW the person on the other side can totally hear everything!?  Ok, like you really wanted to know that, hun?
Sunday we got up, headed to the beach and OH MY...
We just don't usually see this stuff at Lake Michigan!
(the shadow from his bag is covering up the 2 inches of crack hanging out)
The girl chasing him (the Coppertone guy) with her camera is with our group, maybe she has a blog too?!
We also saw a guy in a pink bikini... again, I didn't have my camera ready and someone else told me he wanted paid to have his picture taken.
Saturday night Clint Black gave our group a private concert.  To be honest, I wasn't sure of 1 song that Clint sang, but I knew it would be fun...and it was!
We got to be in the front row, just feet from the stage, Yes, I'm really this close to him!

 ~whose thumbs think they are super stars?~
So back to why I know Clint has a crush on me... Several times during the show we made eye contact, it helped that I was center stage in the front row!  After the concert they did an encore and Clint played the drums, when it was over, he came center stage, looked me in the eyes and tossed me the drumstick! 
 I was SO glad it wasn't a chicken drumstick!  It was like there was a magnet in my hand; I've never caught anything in my life!!  Ok, maybe Clint was making eye contact so he didn't bonk me on the head with that stick, I'm going to stick with my crush theory, I mean seriously-his wife Lisa and I are like twins with our black dresses and our "twins"...
Well, do I know how to make a long story longer, or what?  Tomorrow we'll get on the ship...


Angela said...

Oh yeah- he totally has a crush on you. He wants to give you his stick...um drumstick :D

LuLu Kellogg said...

Yep, he's got a crush on you but the Mister is better looking! *giggle*

That butt crack looks like the one I saw at Disney!

LOL @ not being able to poop with having a louvered door there....*snort*


WFUMagazine said...

I liked ol' Clint til I saw him on the Apprentice, where he drummed up a lot of jerkdom. You could pass for his wife's twin, though, so maybe he looked you up on the cruise??? Waiting for the next installment.....

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