Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have magical powers, no really...

Ok, I have wasted this entire week, seriously!  I got our vacation laundry done, which was quite a task in and of itself, but other than that and vacuuming...NOTHIN'!  So.... I am going to try and accomplish something today.  1st up: Tell you about my super powers which include:
1. thinking I can wash wool
2. thinking I can put ANYTHING in the dishwasher.
I don't know why I believe myself to have these super powers because they seem to fail me every time!  It started back in college when I washed a wool sweater of my Dads.  When I pulled it out of the dryer (oh, did I mention I also believe I can DRY wool) it fit me.  My dad is 6'1", I am 4' 11-3/4".  Six years ago the power seemed to come back to me when I threw a really cute Free People wool sweater in the wash, it came out size 2T, well except for the belt, which apparently wasn't wool and still about 4-1/2 feet long!  This time the sweater went to Darling!
Look what a little chunky monkey my baby was!!  Seriously, I can't quit laughing at this picture!  She looks like a (very cute) little Asian munchkin!  I swear I don't remember her being a chunk, she has always been SO tiny!  Oh, she is growing up WAY too fast...WAY too fast!
So anyway, my next super power started with a great idea... washing the paint brush I'd just used on my WALLS in the HOT dishwasher.  Ever see a dishwasher and dishes covered with cooked pieces of khaki paint?  I have!!  Several years later I had these adorable red glasses (i KNOW, i KNOW!!!).  One day I noticed how dirty they are between the lens and frame, so I think "geesh, I bet I could deep clean these babies in the dishwasher!!".  I put them on the top rack, 'cause I'm cautious like that and head out to run some errands.  As I pull out of my driveway I think "hmmm, i wonder if the heat dry cycle is going to be good for those frames?"...  I wish I had a picture but maybe you can picture what a HOT dishwasher does to a pair of plastic wasn't pretty!  It was actually quite sculptural!
Oh, now that you know I'm a Super Dork, I'm going to go do something that does not include plastic, wool or heat!
Check back tomorrow for Random Friday!!


An Unusual Girl Named Christine said...

Speaking of sculptural...when does your class start? And, don't even think about trying to back out because now your other followers know you are committed to an art class.

Funny in My Mind said...

I could eat those cheeks! Mel and I were talking about you the other day and how cute your baby girl is. All these boys...ya ya ya.
You have funny ideas on where to wash things!

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